The Damaging of a Number of Olive Trees in the Village of Burin in Nablus Governorate

The Damaging of a Number of Olive Trees in the Village of Burin in Nablus Governorate
Violation: The damaging of 14 olive trees by the colonists of Yitzhar.
Location: The area of Al Qa’edah in the south western side of the village of Burin
Affected: Mr. Mushir Rizq Qadoos and Mr. Fathi Raja Musa Al Zein
Date: February 13, 2012.
Given the fact that the olive tree has become the symbol of Palestinian resistance to the Israeli occupation, attacking such a symbol has become a systematic policy of both the Israeli occupation forces and the Israeli colonists spread throughout the West Bank. As such, the following details should be taken in the context targeting both the livelihoods of Palestinians as well as symbolism of their continued resistance to the occupation.  
On the morning of Monday February 13, 2012, the 47-year old Mr. Al Zein headed to his land in the area of Al Qa’edah, southwest of Burin, only to be surprised that a number of the olive trees that he has spent years cultivating and taking care of were sawed off which caused irreparable damage to them. An additional 4 trees belonging to Mr. Qadoos were also sawed off by the colonists.
It is worth pointing out that the area of Al Qa’edah of Burin is the area that is most targeted by colonists’ attacks and violations especially during the olive harvest season. Such violations and attacks included the burning of vast areas of lands, tree cutting and uprooting as well as stealing the olive harvest by Israeli colonists under the watchful eye and protection of the Israeli occupation forces. Yet, despite of all such attacks, the Palestinian farmer keeps on being connected to his land especially lately as the frequency and ferocity of the attacks has reached a peak.
Burin: General Information
The village of Burin is located 8 kilometers southwest of the city of Nablus behind the Jirzeim Mountain. It is also located about 2 kilometers away from the main Nablus-Ramallah Road. The total area of the village is 19,096 dunums of which 163 dunums are declared as “State Lands”.  The built-up area of the village is 367 dunums while around 4500 dunums are planted with olive trees and grains. The Israeli occupation forces have confiscated around 13,000 dunums used for by-pass roads, the Ofer Military Camp and “Closed Military Areas”, thus turning the lives of the residents of the village to unbearable hell.
According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, there were 2800 Palestinians living in the village as of 2008. Around 70% are registered refugees with UNRWA. 

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