The Ibrahimi Mosque… on the Israeli Colonists Radar

The Ibrahimi Mosque… on the Israeli Colonists Radar
Granting Palestine a full membership at the UNESCO sparked outrageous reactions within the Israeli Authorities. The Israeli Channel 7 (Aruz shiva) announced that ‘Yoli Edelstein’, the Israeli Minister of Diaspora affairs, has called all the Jews around the world to join them on November 19, 2011, Sarah Saturday. He wanted the day to be a day to remind everyone that the Ibrahimi Mosque is a Jewish traditional site.
The news website added that this is step comes from ‘Israeli’ fears that the UNESCO will comply with the Palestinian demands for declaring the Mosque as a Palestinian heritage site. Edelstein said that he will go to Hebron in person to participate in Sarah’s Saturday and to practically implement the Israeli Government declaration of the Mosque as a Jewish heritage. According to ‘Aruz Shva’, Israeli colonists in Hebron area announced in a statement that Sarah’s Saturday ‘is not only a religious celebration but also a day to defend our sacred sites; we see the prophecies of our ancestors coming true as clearly as sunrise’. They enthused: ‘Israel Lands are sacred and they represent the homeland of the Jewish people; the lands are known today as Palestine while the fate of the Israeli state is unknown’.
The statement considered both Christians and Muslims as enemies of the Jewish state, it said: ‘the enemies of Israel, both Christians and Muslims are conspiring and competing in spreading lies and rumors; lately, the UNESCO accepted the Palestinian State membership and soon the Mount Temple (Al Aqsa Mosque), the Ibrahimi Mosque, and Rachel’s Tomb will become Palestinian heritage sites.’The statement also assured that the Jewish people will never abandon the ‘land of Israel’ and they will sacrifice everything for the land.
Renewed Greed:
The Israeli ambitions in the Ibrahimi Mosque have been growing over the years. The Palestinians still hold the sour memory of the massacre committed by ‘Baruch Goldstein’, a Jewish colonist, on February 25, 1994 when he opened fire towards helpless worshippers praying in the Mosque; tens of Palestinians were killed and injured as a result.
The Israeli Occupation Government decided to block certain roads in the Old City of Hebron and isolate some areas as well as providing more protection the 500 Jewish colonists living there. Al Shuhada’ road has been closed since the massacre.
Picture 1-2: Israeli soldiers defiling the Mosque
After the attack, the Israeli Occupation Government formed ‘Shimghar’ Truth Finding Committee. The committee recommended separating the Mosque into two sections; 61 % for the Jews and the rest for Muslim worshippers while allowing the Jews to use all the facilities and sections of the Mosque in their ‘celebrations’.
Picture 3: signs and number written by ‘Shimghar’ committee marking the bullets traces

Picture 4: the iron wall dividing the Mosque
The Israelis have placed seemingly endless obstacles on the way to the Mosque including gates, barriers, inspection points, and surveillance cameras.
Picture 5-11: barriers, checkpoints, and inspection points on the way to the Mosque
It must be known that the Israelis declared the Mosque as a ‘Jewish heritage site’ in May, 2010.
Banning the Azan:
The Israelis have been violating the Palestinian’s rights to freedom of religious practice by banning the Azan while claiming that the call for prayers ‘disturbs’ colonists; especially during ceremonies. According to the Governor office; from the day of the massacre till August, 2011, the Azan was banned 7225 times.
Banning the Azan in 2011:
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