Laying Control over Susiya Yatta – Hebron Governorate

Laying Control over Susiya Yatta – Hebron Governorate
The Israeli Occupation Authorities are slowly taking control of the Archeological site of Susiya while trying to erase its Islamic and Arabic heritage.The Israelis rehabilitated an old road that wrapped the ruins of Susiya.The rehabilitation started mid September, 2011.According to eyewitnesses, Israeli dozers cleared the 4-km-road and removed the rocks and earth mounds in it.

Picture 1-4: rehabilitated road
In 1985, the Israelis expelled around 100 families from Susiya and took control of it. The road used to connect the village to the nearby Yatta. However, after the displacement of the families, the Israelis fenced the road and included it into the ruins borders.The work continues in the area where a park was established on its eastern part. The colonists organize trips to the ruins that hold within Islamic and Roman remains.
Um Nir is located nearby Susiya; the Israelis have been trying to wipe the village off by demolitions its structures several times.It is apparent that the Israelis are systematically targeting the area in an attempt to ‘cleanse’ it and remove the Arab presence.The Israelis tend to use the lands to expand the colony which hold the same name, Susiya.


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