Expansions in Revava Colony over Deir Istiya lands

Expansions in Revava Colony over Deir Istiya lands
Violation: Revava colony is expanding over Deir Istiya lands.
Perpetrators:  the clonists of Revava.
Victims: Deir Istiya farmers.
Date: August 1, 2011.
Since the beginning of August, 2011, Israeli dozers have been plowing and destroying fields and trees existed long before the existence of the ‘Israeli State’. They are construction tens of residential units as part of a plan to multiply the size of the colony; the projected area is believed to become up to 28 dunums in area. Plowing are intensified in parcels ‘6’ and ‘7’ in the western part of the village in addition to milling a road to connect it with the surrounding colonies.
Deir Istiya Governor stated:  The Israelis are following a systematic approach in the area. They tend to drown it with colonies while depriving the Palestinians from their basic rights including the right to exploit his lands, the lands he inherited from his ancestors and planted it all his life, the way he wishes to. Now these lands are forbidden to the Palestinians while the colonists are given all the support they need to exploit it .The Israelis declared Wadi Qana as a natural reserve area that no one is supposed to alter it in anyway. However, the Israelis do not think that 7 colonies, continuously expanding is not threat to nature not to mention that these colonies, especially Revava, pump their sewage randomly in the surrounding areas.
Revava, a continuous source of agony:
Revava was established in 1991. Nowadays, its total area reaches up to 2800 dunums including 300 of built up area; inhabited by 827 people. (*source FMEP). Since its establishment, the colony has been obstructing construction and development in Deir Istiya in addition to land confiscation.
Increasing colonies expansion rates:
The Israeli Occupation Government proposed intensifying the construction of tens of thousands of colonial units. The Israeli radio stated that the step was taken in an attempt to resolve the housing crisis storming the country. The Israeli measures prove their unwillingness to have peace and it shows how phony their calls for peace are.
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