Confiscating 5 Water Tanks in Arab al Ka’abna – Jordan Valley

Confiscating 5 Water Tanks in Arab al Ka’abna – Jordan Valley
Violation: confiscating 5 water tanks.
Location: Arab al Ka’abna – the Jordan Valley.
Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Army.
Date: August 23, 2011.
Despite the hot weather and the hardship the people suffering from; regardless of the fact that Arab al Ka’abna depend solely on herding in their living and that they are leading extremely simple lives; the Israeli Occupation Army did not spare them. The Israelis used all kinds of suppressing and oppression against those people. Demolishing their tents, confiscating and killing their cattle, and stealing their water are just examples of the horrific Israeli measures.
On Tuesday, August 23, 2011, Israeli troops confiscated 5 water tanks claiming that the tanks are placed in a closed ‘military zone’. The area is the dwell of Arab al Ka’abna which is located 1 km to the east of Alfred Yereho colony. The Israeli soldiers moved the tanks to a nearby military camp and imposed a 200-ILS-fine on each day it remains there. It must be known that the Israelis have recently confiscated several water tanks to impose more pressure on the people in an attempt to drive them out of the Jordan Valley area.
Fawwaz al Ka’abna stated to an LRC observer: ‘we are considered a direct target for the Israelis; not one tent has been spared from the Israeli aggression who claim that we are residing in a military zone despite the fact the we have been living here before the establishment of any of the surrounding colonies. Furthermore, the Israelis are targeting our basic rights, residency, water, and rangelands. The dwell, inhabited with 194 people have not been spared of night raids which spread fear  and terror among the people. All of this is done in an attempt to force us out while we are determined to remain and as this place is our home, our source of living, and simply, we got used to it despite the Israeli attacks.

The dwellers get their water from the nearby village of Hizma, 14 km away. They transport water using water tanks as the dwell is not recognized as a residential gathering and no developmet whatsoever is allowed there. Moving water proved to be a costly matter; a 4-m3-tank cost a total of 100 ILS. This adds to the financial burdens of the people who were forced to immigrate after the Israeli conquest of Palestine and were scattered around the West Bank. However, the Israelis are keen to confiscate lands, displacing people, and humiliating them.
Alfred Yereho Colony:
It was established in 1979 in the Jordan Valley area, edging the main road connecting Jerusalem and Jericho. The purpose of the colony is disconnecting people and separating Palestinian towns and villages in the area. Its total area is 645 dunums and is inhabited by 234 colonists according to statistics held in 2009.


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