Kadumim Colonists Continue their Attacks Against Kafr Qaddum Palestinians

Kadumim Colonists Continue their Attacks Against Kafr Qaddum Palestinians
Violations: The writing of racist remarks on Palestinian houses and a cemetery.
Perpetrators: The colonists of Kadumim
Date: October 22nd, 2010.

The village of Kafr Qaddum is located east of the city of Qalqilia. The daily suffering of the Palestinian of the village has been on-going since the Israeli occupation beset the entire West Bank in 1967. The suffering takes on an added degree in the village due to the attacks and harassment carried out by the racists colonists living in the 5 colonies surrounding it. These colonies have devoured more than 3200 dunums of the villages’ lands in addition to the declaration of more than 8800 dunums surrounding these colonies to be “No Man Zones” designed to provide “protection” for the colonies.
The colonists of the said 5 colonies do not spare any effort to fight and cause harm to the Palestinians of the Kafr; the lands of the village was overtaken by them as tens of trees were uprooted, lands were set ablaze and olives were stolen. Tens of the inhabitants of the village were either beaten or injured (some were even killed) while houses were destroyed for the mere reason of “providing security for the colonies” as colonists behaved like cowboys in the lawless West.
The night of Kafr Qaddum is like no other as its darkness is usually used by the colonists to surround and sneak into Palestinian homes and their properties. In the last few years tens of nightly raids by the colonists aided by Israeli occupation forces were recorded. Some of these raids ended up with direct clashes between the colonists and the weary residents of the village.
At 1:30 AM on Friday October 22nd, 2010, a group of colonists from Qadumim entered the village from its eastern entrance which has been closed since the year 2000. The colonists targeted a number of houses and wrote on its walls racist and threatening remarks in Hebrew. Some of these words and remarks included “Neqma” (i.e. revenge) and “18 Yakhay” (in reference to the age of 18 which allows Israelis to join the Army) in addition to “Shavout Rahil – Badriya A’amer” in reference to Hajjeh Badriya A’amer who was forced out of her house by the colonists who consequently took it over. The house was then converted into a colonial outpost named “Yeshivot A’ami”.
Photos 1-3: The colonists’ writings on Kafr Qaddum houses – Qalqilia
Even the cemetery was not spared as the colonists wrote on the graves “The Palestinian State” while placing David’s Star and Kahana on the walls of some graves.
Photos 4+5: Graves with colonist graphity written on it in Kafr Qaddum

The targeted houses are owned by Mr. Abdel Fattah Abdel Hadi Asa’ad, Mr. Ayman Abdel Fattah Obeid, Mr. Na’el Mahmoud Mote’ei, Mr. Abdel Al Ilah Abdel Hadi Ali in addition to another house that is under construction.
The Israeli Police and occupation forces arrived at the village in the morning of the said date in the aftermath of the submission of an official complaint by Village Council and the owners of the houses. The Police looked around the area and photographed the targeted houses while taking the testimony of a number of eye witnesses who saw the colonists entering the village. At the end, the Israeli Police painted over the slurs in an attempt to wipe away the evidence while taking no action to prevent these racist colonists from carrying out similar attacks in the future.