confiscation order against 400 dunums in Kafr Kaddum village

confiscation order against 400 dunums in Kafr Kaddum village
Violation: confiscation order against 400 dunums parcel; the order specified 11.245 dunums of Palestinian lands.
Perpetrator: Avi Mizrahi, High Commander of the Israeli Occupation Army in the West Bank.
Victims: villagers of Kufr Kaddum.
Date: October 12, 2010.
On October 12, 2010, the Israeli Occupation Army issued order number (T/22/10) calling for te confiscation of 11.245 dunums of Kafr Kaddum lands, parcel 2, in areas known as Al Rab’at, Hariq Sa’ada, Quten Qebo, Khallit al Jame’, Khallet Masha, Jabal Sa’da, in addition to lands located in parcel 8, Al Marji Mountain.
According to the confiscation order, signed by Avi Mizrahi, High Commander of the Israeli Occupation Army in the West Bank, the aim of the confiscation is the opening of a “safe passage”, a road connecting Kadumim with Kadumim Zivon colony. The road is planned to be 1800 meters long.

The Confiscation Order

It must be known that such a decision will have a catastrophic effect of the Palestinian farmers; knowing that most of the areas included in the order are fields that Palestinians are prohibited from getting to them except in the olive picking season and for extremely short periods.
People of Kafr Kaddum fear that this is going to be a step towards merging the two colonies, thus, giving the Israeli troops the justification for preventing them from reaching their farms.
The area of the parcels included in the notification is 400 dunums out of 11800, the total area of the village. 5 Israeli colonies lay over Kafr Kaddum; these are Kadumim Mircaz, Kadumim Zivon, Har H Mim, Kadumim Elit, and Mizva yishai. In addition to the colonial nucleus of Hivat Gil’ad.
The colonization of Kafr Kaddum began with the Israeli conquest of the West Bank in 1967; that when the Israeli Army took over a Jordanian Army outpost and turned it into an Israeli one. The countenance of this outpost began to change when Israeli colonists placed some caravans around it.
Few years later, the outpost was turned into Kadumim colony which was the starting point for the establishment and control of different areas in Kafr Kaddum, and neighboring villages, and establishing different colonies in the area. Like any other Israeli colony, these are considered a source of continuous suffering for the Palestinians.
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