The Ibrahimi Mosque… a Jewish Cultural Site !!!

The Ibrahimi Mosque… a Jewish Cultural Site !!!
The Israeli Occupation Government, led by Benjamin Netinyahu, announced on February 21, 2010 the Ibrahimi Mosque and Bilal ibn Rabah Mosque (called Rachel Tomb) Jewish cultural sites. In addition, the Israelis have allocated millions of shekels for renovation and development of these sites.
The announcement comes while word has gone out about restarting indirect negotiations between the Palestinians and Israelis. Moreover, this was announced days before the ‘Baruch Goldstein’ massacre committed in the Ibrahimi Mosque in February 1994 against Muslims praying in the mosque; more than 30 people were killed.

Picture 1: the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron Old City

Endowments department head in the City of Hebron, Mr. Al J’abari stated in an interview with an LRC observer: ‘as Muslims, we are totally against such decision which is meant to provoke the Palestinians and drag them into a third Intifada.
The Ibrahimi Mosque is an Islamic sacred site, non-Muslims are not allowed in and there are no Jewish heritages or culture within the site. The Jews have no right whatsoever in the Mosque.’ He said.
‘During the British mandate, even when the British High Commissioner was a Jew, the Jews were not allowed in the Mosque. Jews themselves never asked to be granted access to the Mosque.’ He explained.
‘The Islamic Endowment Department does all the necessary work in the Ibrahimi Mosque, even the part where Muslims are not allowed. We never ‘discriminate’ between both parts. For us it is one Mosque. We have recently made many renovations in the part controlled by the Israelis and Muslims are not allowed in.’ He Added.
Al J’abari commented on the allocation of cash for site renovations by saying:’ we are responsible for any renovations; we do not allow the Jews to do anything.
Whoever claims that we neglect the Israeli controlled part of the Mosque is a fraud. We have recently provided both parts with chandeliers and fire extinguishers’. He added: ‘the point of money allocation is giving the Jews the responsibility of renovating and decorating the Mosque, however, it’s our job and our right and we will never give it up.
Pictures 2+3: Palestinians near the gates leading to the Mosque
Picture 4: one of the iron walls placed by the Israeli in order to divide the Mosque

The Ibrahimi Mosque Massacre, 1994:
Such announcement is not the first violation against the sanctity of the Ibrahimi Mosque. Many violations have been recorded through the years. The most significant was when Baruch Goldstein, a Jew extremist and colonists, attacked the worshippers while praying Al-Fajr (dawn) prayer in the Mosque on February 25, 1994.
The brute – who was allowed in by the Israeli Occupation soldiers patrolling the area – opened fire inside the Mosque killing thirty Palestinians and injuring tens.
He did not stop shooting and could have injured many others not for the intervention of the faithful worshippers who attacked him and beat him to death. After this horrific incident, there were clashes between the angry Palestinians and the vicious Israeli colonists and soldiers. The Israeli shots towards the funeral of the martyrs killed twenty other Palestinians and injured hundreds of them.
The Ibrahimi Mosque and Hebron Old City:
The Ibrahimi Mosque contains the tombs of Abraham (Ibrahim), Issac, Jacob, and their wives. All buried in Makvilla cave beneath the Mosque. The Mosque is located to the south east of Hebron City, within the boundaries of its Old City called (H2) according to Oslo Agreement. See Map 1
The total area of Hebron City is 4615 dunums fully controlled by the Israelis. There are five colonial nucleuses within Hebron Old City. These colonies are inhabited by less than 600 colonists guarded by more than 1500 soldiers.

Picture 5: an Israeli colonial nucleus within Hebron Old City
LRC sees in the Israeli Occupation announcement of adding the Ibrahimi Mosque, Bilal Ibn Rabah Mosque, and Jerusalem Wall to the Jewish cultural sites list a violation of the Palestinians right to freedom of religion. Moreover, it is a violation against the sacred sites which is condemned by Geneva Pack – 1949 – and Lahaye Pack – 1954 – which prohibits any alteration of any cultural site in the state of war or occupation.
It is clear that the Israelis pay no respect to the International Laws or Agreements; and they are using force to put facts on the ground.


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