Israeli Occupation Authorities Confiscate Tens of Agricultural Dunums in the Village of Jalboun

Israeli Occupation Authorities Confiscate Tens of Agricultural Dunums in the Village of Jalboun
Violation: The declaration of the confiscation of 73.5 dunums while obligating farmers to remove all what have been rehabilitated as to return the land to its previous initial status.
Date: July 25th, 2009.
Location: Jalboun lands in Parcel 12 pieces 11 and 12.
Land Description: Mostlyagricultural lands.
Violator: The Central Investigation Committee associated by the so-called Israeli “Civil” Administration. 
Confiscation Motive: To establish a road to be used for military purposes. The road is planned to connect between the village of Jalboun and the military gate in the Racist Isolation Wall isolating lands south of the village.
Owners of Targeted Lands: The owners of the targeted lands are all from the town of Ya’abad. The following table lists them and other relevant information:
Name of Farmer
Area in Dunums
Parcel No.
The brothers Omar. Mohammad and Farhan Ragheb Al Roub
Parcel 12, Piece Number 11
Hasan Asa’ad Abu Al Roub
Parcel 12, Piece Number 12
On the 25th of July, 2009, the said Committee issued a military order confiscating agricultural lands located near the Racist Isolation Wall east of the village. The stated purpose of the confiscation is to construct a military road running parallel to the Racist Wall.
Order 1+2: The Military Order in Hebrew

Order A+B+C: The Military Order in Arabic
The ‘Civil” Administration claims that the targeted lands that are ‘State Lands” while the farmers insist that they own andor work in the lands in accordance with official papers issued during the Jordanian rein of power.
Photo 1: An ownership deed proving the land ownership in
the name of Mr. Hussein Ahmad Awad Abu Al Roub.
The intended road covers a distance of 2 kilometers stretching from the eastern outskirts of the village of Jalboun until it reaches the said gate in the Racist Wall. It is designed to be used, according to the Order, only by the Israeli Military. Tens of dunums along the path of the new road will be confiscated and the Palestinian population living in the vicinity of the road will be affected one way or the other due to Israeli expected practices.  
Jalboun Village is Dying Due to Surrounding Colonies and the Isolation Wall:
The village of Jalboun is considered to be a prime and classical example of the suffering of Palestinian villages since the Nakba of 1948; it has seen all of the policies and violations perpetrated by the Israeli occupation while resisting all of these policies through being steadfast on the ground despite all of the daily threats and harassment from the occupation forces.   
It is worth pointing out that the Israeli occupation forces have confiscated most of the lands of the village which used to reach as far as the Jordanian borders. The violations continued upon the establishment of the Racist Isolation Wall in the year 2002 as more than 2,000 dunums were confiscated from the villages’ lands to erect the Wall which stands at a distance of 4 meters away from some of the houses in the village.
Another aspect of the suffering of the village is the establishment of Israeli colonies atop its lands which caused, among other things, an environmental pollution in the village as most of the waste water and sewage produced by these colonies are dumped deliberately into the northern and eastern parts of the village causing a number of environmental and health ills.

Photo 2: A general view of the Israeli Racist Wall established atop Jalbouns’ lands.
 Jalboun Village: General Information
The village of Jalboun is located 10 kilometers northeast of the city of Jenin. Its total area is 9,308 dunums while its build-up area is estimated to be 590 dunums. Israeli occupation forces confiscated 1,432 dunums of its lands for the benefit of the Israeli Racist Wall and the colonies of Jalbou’a and King Yashou’. The population of the village is 2,390, according to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics’s census of 2007.
The village is located 300 meters above sea level. The villages of Faqou’a and Al Mughayyer are located north of the village, Deir Abu Da’eif is located west of the village while the village of Al Mughayyer is located south of it.
Map 1: The Village of Jalboun
There is only one clan in the village; the clan of Abu Al Roub. Around 90% of the inhabitants of the village are 1948 refugees.


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