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Prejudiced Democracy
Israel Endeavor to Legitimize Allocation of Proclaimed State Land only to its Jewish Residents

When reading Zionist Israeli literature, and reading the Zionist political thoughts and practical strategy carried out through successive Israeli governments over the past six decades, it becomes evident that the


The Geopolitical Status of Bethlehem Governorate

Lead-up Between the current millennium and the one before it, Bethlehem city has witnessed unprecedented changes to its life, in terms of the ruling periods. It started out early in


A house demolished in Qarawet Bani Hassan village

(Photo 1 : Qarawat Bani Hassan: the ruins of the house of Mr. Hakim Asi)     at the early hours of Wednesday, 22. 8. 2007, Israeli bulldozers moved towards


Why Build a New Palestinian City Now?

The Bush administration has proposed the building of a new Palestinian city in the West Bank that would serve as a place to live for Palestinian workers in a new


Azzun’s village main entrance blocked

(photo1 : Azzun- Qalqiliya: cement blocks placed by the Israeli army at the village entrance on August 19th, 2007)     On August 19th, 2007, the Israeli occupation forces closed


Closing of all the local agricultural roads in Deir Al Ghusun town

The Israeli occupation army continue to close all the agricultural roads that link the town of Deir Al Ghusun with its agricultural land, on one hand, and with the only

Military Orders

New military road under construction in Kafr Qadum village

At the beginning of this month Israeli bulldozers started to open a new Military road at the length of 1904 m and width of 5 meters connecting between what so-called


Beit Iba checkpoint re-expanded and fortified despite Israeli words of “peace” and closure lifting

As part of tightening the grip over the West Bank the Israeli occupation army started few days ago to expand and fortify the Beit Iba military checkpoint at the north

Settlers Attacks

Israeli settlers prepare to establish an Outpost in Al Mazra’a Al Qibiliya village

On August 6, 2007, the Israeli settlers' unleashed their destruction mechanisms; several bulldozers to razed 500 dunums of Palestinian agricultural lands planted with Olive trees in Al Mazra'a Al Qibiliya

Separation Plans

It Will Take One More Year Because of Legal & Environmental Obstacles
” The Construction of the Israeli Apartheid Segregation Wall will be completed by 2010

THE SEGREGATION WALL IN THE WEST BANK The Israeli Segregation Wall is an Israeli project started as a security pretext to establish a barrier to stop Palestinian resistance from infiltrating


Gaza Strip: the Delusion of the Israeli Disengagement

Background:- Geographically, the Gaza Strip forms the westernmost part of the Palestinian territories, bordering Egypt on the south-west, Israel on the north and east, and on the west by the

Military Orders

Israeli Military Notifications to halt Construction of Palestinian Houses in Yasuf Village

On June 13, 2007, the Israeli Occupation Army distributed military orders to nine Palestinian families to halt construction of their houses in Yasuf village located northeast of Salfit city. The

Military Orders

New Israeli Military Order to Confiscate More Palestinian Lands in Beit Jala

On July 10, 2007, the Israeli Army distributed a new military order number (75/07/T) to the residents of Beit Jala (a satellite city of Bethlehem). The order states that 9.2

Military Orders

Once Again, Israel Stirs the Absentee Property Issue
” The Israeli Army Targets Bethlehem Governorate with Four New Military Orders “

On July 24, 2007, the Israeli Army handed Palestinian residents south of Bethlehem city four new military orders to residents of the Palestinian communities of Artas, Khalet Al Quten, Al

Settlers Attacks

Israeli Settlers Set Fire to Palestinian Agricultural Lands in the Village of Tequ’ in Bethlehem Governorate

On June 25, 2007, a group of Israeli settlers from Tekoa settlement south of Bethlehem city set fire to more than 300 dunums of Palestinian agricultural lands planted with Olive

Eviction of Palestinians

Al Hadidiya and Humsa citizens face third act of displacement at the hands of the Israeli occupation army

Last July the Israeli occupation authorities informed the villagers of Al Hadidiay and Humsa villages in Tubas governorate of the supreme court's decision to dismiss them out of the area


67 Palestinian houses demolished in half year in the occupied city of Jerusalem

( Photo 1: Sharafat- Jerusalem: The house of Mr. Abdul Kareem Masha'l under destruction) (Photo courtesy of Al- Quds newspaper)     As a continuation of the policy of displacement

Military Orders

New House Demolitions Threats in Qarawat Bani Hassan village

On July 30, 2007, the Israeli Army gave out six demolition notices to residents of Qarawat Bani Hassan village to halt construction works on their houses under the pretext of

Settlers Attacks

Al Khader village Epitomize Israeli belligerent acts against Palestinian communities

On May 27, 2007, a group of Israeli settlers from Efrat settlement located south of Al Khader village aggressed on 200 vine trees across tens of dunums of agricultural lands

Israeli Plans

Israel increases the security buffer zone around the Gaza Strip

On June 28, 2007, Israeli sources revealed that the Israeli Army would mark the security zone to 1.5 km width on the Palestinian side along Gaza’s northern and eastern borders.

Military Orders

Israeli army belittles and violates supreme court’s decision in south Hebron

For the second time in 7 months, the Israeli supreme court issued a binding order asking the Israeli army to dismantle the road barrier that was set up along bypass