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Interactive Map of Gaza Disengagement Plan !

Israel's 'Unilateral Disengagement Plan' International optimism has reached a peak in year 2004 with news of Israel's plan to unilaterally 'disengage' from the Gaza Strip.  Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon


Bruqin’s people and nature are hit by pollution coming from neighboring Israeli Settlements

Location and population The village of Bruqin is located 12 km to the southwest of Salfit city, in the northern West Bank. The village houses a population of 4000 inhabitants.

Quarterly Report

The Israeli Colonization activities in the Palestinian Territories during the 2ed quarter of 2005 (April – June) / 2005

Click here for related case studies   This report highlights the chronology of events concerning colonizing activities in the West Bank, Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip that occurred during the


Oppression at its Peek

What is it with the Israeli government that makes them so atrocious when dealing with Palestinians? The list is long but their actions are no longer tolerable as they bring

Separation Plans

Israel is No Longer Able to Deny the Political Drive Of the Segregation Wall

It seems that Israel has reached a point where it believes that the denial of the true motivation, which steers the Segregation Wall project is no longer viable and that

Separation Plans

Wall construction resumed in Salfit despite High Court decisions !!!

Introduction Salfit, the capital of olives, is formed of 18 villages and towns. The city Salfit is the central point of activities and services in this small Governorate. Like other


The Gas paddle is down to complete Jerusalem Envelope

In an arrogant and defiant, yet not so uncharacteristic step, the Israeli government approved recommencement of construction for the Segregation Wall in Jerusalem, overriding an Israeli court injunction to halt


Closing second Wall gate in two months

On June 23, 2004, and without previous notice, the Israeli Occupation forces closed Wall Gate number 34 located to the west Kafr Thulth village in Qalqiliya governorate. The targeted gate

Separation Plans

The Plot of the Eastern Segregation Wall

In light of the predicament negotiation status between the Palestinians and the Israeli, the latter is looking to snatch opportunities to fasten its grip on Palestinian lands, mainly in the

Military Orders

A Restraining order in Dahiet Al Barid neighborhood

On June 22, 2005, the Israeli High Court of Justice issued a temporary restraining order to stop constructions of the Segregation Wall planned in the southern part of Ar Ram

Military Orders

Silwan house demolition notifications
“Another War Crime in Jerusalem”

The Palestinian residents of Silwan in Jerusalem city especially in Al Bustan Neighborhood live a life of worry and irritation due to the decision of the Municipality of Occupied Jerusalem

Separation Plans

Imneizil: An already besieged village in Hebron, hit by the Wall !!!

Location and population Imneizil village is located 10 km to the southeast of Yatta town in Hebron Governorate. It is strangled between two Israeli settlements inhabited by right-wing Jewish extremists: the settlements of


Jerusalem: the strangulation of the Arab Palestinian city

Jerusalem is the heart of the Palestinian state and is the focal point for the three monotheistic religions. Since 57 years Jerusalem has been suffering from the Israeli occupation which