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Separation Plans

Another Palestinian Ghetto in East Jerusalem: Israel Closes the Segregation Wall in Al Ram

Israeli occupying forces began to construct additional sections of the Segregation Wall in East Jerusalem last week.  The new construction is closing existing gaps between Al Ram and the neighboring


Hizma: A Palestinian Village between the Wall and the Settlements

  Last week, Israeli occupying forces began to clear land and construct sections of the Segregation Wall in the village of Hizma on the outskirts of East Jerusalem.  The Wall


Stages of the Segregation Wall construction in Hebron Governorate !!!

  The Israeli occupation authorities continue the construction processes of the Apartheid Segregation Wall in Hebron district despite the Palestinian on going Palestinian protests.  The following are the actual construction

Military Orders

A new crossing point south of Jerusalem at Izzariya land

  On February 12th, 2005, the Israeli army circulated a military decree seizing Palestinian lands in the village of Izzariya ( Bethany ) under the pretexts of ' military necessities


Israeli ongoing ativities against the village of Deir Istiya

Location and population Deir Istiya village is located 8 km to the northwest of Salfit city and 15 km from the Artimistice Line (Green Line).   The village has the

Israeli Violations

The Israeli Colonization Activities in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip During 2004

The Israeli occupation has been marked by a brutal and bloody conflict. The last four years of Ariel Sharons rule in Israel have been some of the most violent on


The colonialization onslaught is going on against the village of Deir Istiya !!!

Location and population Deir Istiya village is located 8 km to the northwest of Salfit city and approximately 15 east of the Artimistice Line (Green Line).The village has the population


Jericho Handover Pending the Fulfillment of the Israeli Perspective
“Building Confidence is a Vice-Versa Process”.

What is happening with the Jericho deal between the Palestinians and the Israelis; is just a typical episode of the Israeli insistence to impose their will regardless of the upshots.

Israeli Violations

الاستيطان و سرقة المصادر الطبيعية في قطاع غزة

    أماكن السرقة: تعتبر الرمال الصفراء في قطاع غزة من المصادر الطبيعية الهامة ومصدر من مصادر المخزون الطبيعي حيث تعتبر من أهم مصائد الأمطار في فصل الشتاء ، فبالإضافة

Military Orders

Israeli Occupying Forces flout High Court Ruling

Beit Surik, is a small Palestinian village 10 kilometers northwest of Jerusalem. It has a population of 3597 inhabitants (472 families) according to PCBS Statistics in 2003. Like many Palestinian villages


The impacts of the Segregation Wall on Khirbet Jubara, Tulkarem

  Location and population Khirebt Jubara is located 5 km to the south of Tulkarem city near the Green Line. It is mostly an agricultural village, depending on cultivation and


The Segregation Wall is taking what has remained of Idhna Town land.

  Location, population and area The town of Idhna is located 12 km to the north west of the city of Hebron. It has the biggest population (About 20.000 inhabitants)