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Israeli Plans

Israel to Activate “Absentee Property Law” to Steal Palestinian Lands in Occupied East Jerusalem

The decision of the Israeli cabinet (June 2004) to adopt the Absentee property law in East Jerusalem came to close the chapter on the remaining Palestinian lands that were not

Military Orders

New Order in Beit Sahour City

On June 2002, the Israeli government began to build the Segregation Wall in the lands of the West Bank. The Israeli government executes the project under the pretext of 'security


Israeli Occupying Forces Systematically Attack Civilian Property in Khan Yunis (Gaza Strip)

Since the explosion of the second Intifada in September, 2000, Gaza Strip has been facing a series of attacks on civilian property by Israeli occupation forces resulting in a huge


Al-Walajeh Devastated by Israeli Bulldozers

At 5:30 am on Tuesday January 17, 2005, and without prior notice, approximately 250 Israeli soldiers, 20 Israeli police officers and several officials from the Israeli Municipality of Jerusalem stormed

Military Orders

Recent Israeli violations in Tulkarem district

  The Tulkarem district was among the first districts targeted by the Israeli Segregation Wall plan that started in 2002. So far, about 42000 dunums of fertile agricultural lands have

New Israeli Settlements

Israel Begins New Settlement on Stolen Land in the West Bank Village of Jayyus

On Thursday, December 9, 2004 Israeli occupying forces began razing a plot of land and uproot Olive trees in the Palestinian village of Jayyus, in the Occupied West Bank. From

Settlement Expansion

Separated Olive tree fields razed for expanding Kibbutz cultivable land Hebron Governorate.

Under the pretext of shaving lands for security, the Israeli occupation forces cut on January 2nd, 2006 not less than 400 olive trees planted in the lands separated behind the