The Segregation Wall Ravage more lands in Beit Jala

The Segregation Wall Ravage more lands in Beit Jala

Once again, the Israeli Army distributed two new military orders for two new segments of the Segregation Wall set to penetrate the cultivated (with olive trees) lands of Beit Jala town. The new military orders hold numbers (04/36/A) & (04/36/B) are to confiscate 66 Dunums of Beit Jala town lands; 33 dunums at the designated site of each military order. See copies of military orders



Military order # (04/36/A)


Military order # (04/36/B)

See maps of military orders as provided by the Israelis


Military order #


Military order #



The military orders, signed and issued by Amos Yaron, general of the  Israeli Ministry of Defense, declared the targeted lands expropriated for the State's benefit (Israel that is!) according to Israel Emergency Law of 1949- Article 4, section ''A''. 


Military Order Translation
  Israel Defense Forces
Orders to Seize lands #04/A 36 & 04/ B 36

According to my jurisdictions as the general director of the Israeli ministry of Defense and as I believe that it is imperative for military and security purposes and according to item ''4A'' of the emergency law of 1949, I order the confiscation of the 66 dunums from Beit Jala lands.

The order will go in effect at the time of its signing to August 15, 2004. Land owner are entitled to file an objection regarding the seizure order to the legal counselor throughthe District Coordination Office (DCO) in Bethlehem within 14 days of the tour.

Amous Yaron
General of the Israeli ministry of Defense



Israel Emergency Law of 1949

 Article 4

Land requisition orders

Section (A)

A competent authority may, by order under his hand, order the requisition of land. Such an order shall be called a 'land requisition order'.



Unlike customary Israeli confiscation orders issued by the Military Chief Commander of Judea and Samaria, Moshe Kaplenski, the new military orders are issued by the General of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, Mr. Amos Yaron, as the targeted sections of the Wall are located within the illegal & unrecognized boundaries of Jerusalem as defined by Israel following the 1967 war. See map of the two military orders


The confiscation orders made under security pretext to build the Segregation Wall comes to fill in the missing parts of the Segregation Wall in Beit Jala area as routed by the Israeli Ministry of Defense. Eventually, the Segregation Wall in Beit Jala will seal off the town at the northern & western hinterland of Beit Jala, which will put an end to the town's plan for future territorial expansion. Moreover, the segregation wall will deny Beit Jala's residents from their cultivated lands, which include citrus, fruit & olive trees; estimated area at 4000 Dunums.



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