The Expansion of Qadumim settlement Established on the Land of Kufr Qaddum Village – Qalqilya Governorate

The Expansion of Qadumim settlement Established on the Land of Kufr Qaddum Village – Qalqilya Governorate


Kufr Qaddum at a Glance:

Kufr Qaddum village is located 20 km east of Qalqilya City (Qalqilya Governorate). Its population is about 5,000 most of them are working in agriculture, particularly in olive trees raising. It has been affected by the Israeli colonial campaign and aggression on the land of Palestine since 1967. This is represented in taking over and confiscation of thousands of donums from the village land for the purpose of establishing Qadumim settlement.


Qadumim settlement:

Date of Establishment:

Qadumim settlement was established in 1975 near an Isareli Occupation Military camp. The settlement was constructed on 600 donums taken over for security justifications. However, the settlement terribly expanded and new urban neighborhoods adhered to it were established. These neighborhoods are few kilometers away from the settlement. The new site is about 1 km east of the settlement in a place called Wadi Barus.

The New Site:

40 donums at Wadi Barus site were confiscated for the purpose of constructing new buildings for the new colonialists.

The number of buildings under construction are 15.

In addition to that, two building units are constructed inside the borders of the settlement at its eastern part; therefore, the number of colonial buildings belonging to Qadumim settlement are 17.

The starting date of construction which is still going on is January 10th, 2000.

Land Holders:

1.     Fahmi Mahmoud Aqel, 30 donums.

2.     Fathi Shareef Jum'a, 10 donums.

Violations Resulted from Qadumim Existence:

1.     The settlement itself is occupying 600 donums.

2.     A colonial neighborhood belonging to Qadumin at Harayeq Sa'dah site.

3.     A colonial neighborhood belonging to Qadumim at Khalet Aljami' site.

4.     A colonial neighborhood belonging to Qadumim at Jabal Mohammad site.

5.     An Israeli Military Camp on Kufr Qaddum land.

6.     Uprooting not less than 3,000 olive trees.

The Effects of Colonial Activities on the Village:

1.     The population of the village feel that they are jailed because they have to pass through the settlement to reach the village. They are exposed to several mistreatments.

2.     The colonialists use of trained dogs to terrify farmers to prevent them from serving their farms.

Notice the new building inside the settlement from the east, two building units are currently being built. 

One of the buildings under construction outside the settlement borders on the land of Kufr Qaddum Palestinian Village – Qalqilya Governorate


The new colonial site under construction on the land of Kufr Qaddum, additional six buildings are clearly seen. The construction started on January 10, 2000 and still under construction until the date of this photo which is July 11, 2000.


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