The Establishment of Two Residential Units on Palestinian Land To the west of Fuqeiqis village

The Establishment of Two Residential Units on Palestinian Land To the west of Fuqeiqis village



  • Violation:  Construction of two residential blocks on Palestinian land
  • Date: October, 2009
  • Location:  To the west of Fuqeiqis – west of Dura/ Hebron.
  • Violators: Negohot settlers.
  • Victims: Alsweti and Abu Sharar clans.


Details: Settlers from Negohot, located to the west of Fuqeiqis near Dura in Hebron Governorate, built a new settlement nucleus on Palestinian lands.

During 2008, a settler built a house in the area; another house was added on October 2009.  According to residents of Fuqeiqis, a settler has randomly built a house to the west of Negohot; about 400 meters away from the settlement. Generators were used for electricity supply. Soon afterwards, the settler started farming the lands around the house.

Picture 1+2: the houses as seen from Fuqeiqis.


During October, the nucleus contained two houses after another house was added to the east of the first one. The settler's houses were situated on land that belongs to Alsweti and Abu Sharar clans.

Walid Abu Sharar, President of the Joint Council of Services in Western Dura area stated:' the occupation soldiers are providing the settlers with help. I expect that these two houses are a beginning for a new settlement in the area, probably an expansion of Negohot'.

Abu Sharar speculations are based on the fact that there are expansion and development works held to the west of Negohot. He pointed that the settlers have laid foundation for the expansion of the settlement.

He could not hide his fear of Israeli soldiers and settlers occupying both sides of the street that passes nearby the settlement, which the occupation forces had promised to enable the Palestinians to use freely.

Picture 3: expansion areas to the west of Negohot..


Moreover, Abu Sharar pointed that the Israelis prevent the Palestinians from working in the 6dunumlands near the settlement. Farming, improvements, shepherding are forbidden by the occupation authorities.

Picture 4 : locals land on both sides of the streets; the Israelis forbid any activity there..


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