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Military Orders

Israeli Military Orders in the Wake of Sharm El-Sheikh Memorandum

  On the 15th of May 1999, 16 Israeli military orders  were approved by the Israeli military command sealing off large areas of land  in the West Bank as closed


The Continuous Israeli Harassment to Kh. Beit Skariya Village

    Kh. Beit Skariya, a Palestinian village of about 100 inhabitants,  is located southwest of Bethlehem city. The village is surrounded by the Etzion  Block or Gush Etzion in

Settlement Expansion

Expanding the settlement of Susya

    Situated south of the Palestinian  village of Yatta and east  of Es Samu', the colony of Susya is one of several colonies lying in the southern  edge of

Settlement Expansion

The Encirclement Of Nahalin Village

    The Palestinian village of Nahalin  is 20 kilometers southwest  of Bethlehem city {Figure 1}, with a population of 5,000. The original area  of the village was 12,000 dunums,

Bypass Roads

Sacrilege in the Bethlehem District Villages of Artas and El Walajeh

    The State of Israel reached a new low recently through a series of demolitions of Palestinian holy sites. These acts of sacrilege occurred in the Bethlehem District, an