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Military Orders

Lands of Al Bireh town targeted for Israeli security purposes

  On the 13th of July 2016, the so called “Israeli  Ministry of Defense” handed citizens of Al Bireh town a new military order citing the confiscation of 5.691 dunums

Settlement Expansion

The settlement of Na’aleh expands on lands of Deir Qiddis

    On the 13th of July 2016, the Israeli occupation Bulldozers backed by army forces commenced a large scale land razing in Deir Qiddis village west of Ramallah Governorate,

Settlers Attacks

In the 49th memory of Jerusalem’s occupation: Jerusalem Day March passes through Old City

  Since the early hours of June 05, 2016, hundreds of colonists organized a rally that passed through the streets, neighborhoods ad alleys of Jerusalem city in anniversary of the