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Redeployment Map After The First Stage of Wye Memorandum

  After the marathon of Wye meetings, the American administration was able to accomplish the Wye memorandum, which was signed by the Israeli and Palestinian leadership in the presence of


Land Confiscation in the Community of Surif – Expansion of the Green Line

  Surif is a small village in the north-western section of the Hebron District. It is located very close to the West Bank border with Israel, known as the 'Green

Settlement Expansion

Israeli Unilateral Actions since the Signing of the Wye River Agreement

    Since the signing of the Wye River Memorandum on 23 October 1998, the Israeli government has allowed the construction and expansion of new and existing Jewish settlements and


Accelerated House Demolition Campaign in Hebron District

  Since 1967, most of the Palestinian communities have been subjected to a continuous wave of aggression by the Israeli occupying authority. On 19 August 1998, the Israeli authorities demolished

Israeli Plans

Palestinian Jerusalemites are Threatened to lose their ID’s under New Israeli Regulations

    Making the Jewish population a majority of 76% of Jerusalem's population in contrast to 24% for the Palestinians is a strategic target for the State of Israel which


Israel Apathy to International Environmental Laws
Save the Palestinian Environment from Israel’s “Toxic Jaws”

    Introduction The Palestinian environment and its natural resources have been under human pressure since the Israeli occupation of 1967. The division of the West Bank into areas A,


The Fragmentation of Salfit

  Salfit is a province located 15 miles southeast of Nablus, in the West Bank (Figure 1). It encompasses 28,000 hectares and has a population of 50,000. Seventeen Israeli colonies

Settlement Expansion

Expanding Jewish Presence in The Old City of Jerusalem

    Introduction The many proposals put forward over the years for the solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict -with the Palestine question at its core- have all recognized the need


Assessment of the Environmental Impact of Jewish Industries in the West Bank

    Introduction: Industrial pollution is considered one of the major issues in environmental protection. Industries contribute to the pollution of the environment, especially in the absence of regulations that


Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine
Yatta as a Case Study !!!

    Yatta is one of the largest rural cities in Palestine, with a population of approximately 30,000. It is located in the Hebron Hills, 10 km south of Hebron


The Expropriation of Jalud’s Lands
Towards the Buntustanization of the West Bank

  Jalud is a small Palestinian agricultural village spreading over an area of 4,000 acres. It is located 16 miles from the Palestinian city of Nablus (Figure 1). Since 1967,


Behind the Policy of House Demolition: Why Here and Now?

  The demolition of Palestinian houses by Israel has reached an unprecedented level. Between 1992 and 1995 approximately 539 Palestinian houses were demolished in the West Bank. According to the


The Village of Beit Marsam
A Case of House Demolition and Alteration of the Green Line

    Beit Marsam is a small village located in the southern part of the Hebron district, less than half a kilometer east of the West Bank border with Israel,

New Israeli Settlements

New Israeli colony east of Yatta in the West Bank

    Yatta is one of the major rural communities in Palestine, with a population of approximately 30,000. It is also surrounded by several small communities which depend mainly on

Eviction of Palestinians

Eviction of the Inhabitants of Froush Beit Dajan

    Froush Beit Dajan is a rural area located east of Nablus in the agricultural Fari'a region (Figure 1). The inhabitants of Froush Beit Dajan are mostly semi-Bedouins who

Bypass Roads

The Circling of East Jerusalem – Roads 45 and 5

    In continuation with its plans to separate Jerusalem from the remainder of the West Bank, Israel has begun to implement a new project aimed at constructing a ring

New Israeli Settlements

The Har Homa Settlement and the Uprooting of Abu Ghnaim Forest

  Table of Contents Abu Ghnaim in Details Chronology of Events Why Har Homa is an Obstacle to Peace? The Myth in Realities in Developing Housing for Palestinians in East

New Israeli Settlements

A New Israeli Colony in the Southern Vicinity of Bethlehem
Givat Hazayit (Um Tale’ Hill)

    On 12 March 1997, the Israeli bulldozers resumed their work to open a road to reach the hill of Um Tale', south of Bethlehem city, defying a court


Wadi Al-Teen Quarry and the Systematic Expropriation of Palestinian Natural Resources

    Wadi Al-Teen is a large valley located 5 kilometers southeast of Tulkarm city and 4.5 kilometers to the east of the Green Line which separates the West Bank

Settlement Expansion

The Expansion of Kiryat Sefer Settlement on the Land of Dier

  Dier Qiddis land confiscated by Israel for the expansion of Kiryat Sefer The Israeli settlement of Kiryat Sefer is located northwest of Ramallah city, adjacent to the border area

Israeli Violations

Infograph- Palestinian Population Distribution VS Land Allocation under OSLO II Interim Agreement of September 1995

  The OSLO II Interim Agreement of1995 has divided the lands of the West Bank into three classifications: areas A, B, and C. The Israeli military withdrew from lands classified as area A,