For the Second time: The Occupation Demolished a house belongs to Citizen Noah Hroub from “Khallet Taha” West Hebron

For the Second time: The Occupation Demolished a house belongs to Citizen Noah Hroub from “Khallet Taha” West Hebron


  • Violation: Halt of Work Notice for the second time.
  • Date: October 6th 2022.
  • Location: Khallet Taha – Dura town / Hebron governorate.
  • Perpetrators: The Israeli Civil Administration.
  • Victims: Citizen Noah Al-Harb.


Thursday, October 6th 2022 , the Israeli Occupation Authorities demolished a house that belongs to citizen Noah Al-Hroub in Khallet Taha area west Dura , south Hebron governorate.

This is the second time the occupation demolishes a house belongs to citizen Al-Hroub , the first time was in February 4th 2021, he rebuilt the house for the family , but the occupation forces came back today and demolished it.

In Details, about 9:00 am a massive army force and the building and organization department at the civil administration, accompanied by a Hyundai excavator , a caterpillar bulldozer , and technical staff from the Israeli Civil company raided the building , the citizen’s family composes of (8 family members – among them 6 children – 3 females)  they tried to protest inside the house hoping they can protect it , but the occupation forces used violence top force them to get out of the building, and carried out the demolition.


Photos 1-6: Demolition of the building

The house was built in 2021 of bricks and cement , and has a total area of (120 m2) that was turned to ruble in a moment , and the family became homeless.

Photo 7: The house before the demolition

The Occupation Authorities served a halt of work notice in (May 16th 2022) no.31171 , that ordered the immediate stoppage of construction works , and sat the date June 1st 2022 , as the date of the building and Organization session in Beit El military court to decide the fate of the structure.

Halt of work notice 31171 which targets the house

Once the owner received the notice, he prepared the legal file and the engineering plans , but the occupation authorities refused the notice given by Palestinians.

The Occupation Authorities came back at the location in September 22nd 2022 , and hanged a paper that states (The Occupation Authorities refuse this application ) , and ordered the owner to demolish the building within 7 days , in case the owner did not demolish the house the occupation forces will demolish it , the forces came back in June 20th 2022 and carried out the demolition.

The Demolition order no.622525 which targets a house belongs to citizen Al-Hroub

A paper stating that the Licensing order is refused

Legal Feedback:

The demolition of Palestinian homes and structures by the occupation authorities is part of their violations of international and humanitarian law, and the violation of the right to adequate housing for Palestinian citizens guaranteed by international law and international treaties presented by the following articles:

Article 17 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, dated December 10, 1948 states that “No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property”.

Article 53 of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1948 prohibits the destruction of property, as this article states the following: “The occupying power is prohibited from destroying any private, fixed or movable property related to individuals or groups, the state or public authorities, or social or cooperative organizations, unless the war operations inevitably require this destruction.

Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention states: “No protected person may be punished for an offense he or she has not personally committed.

Paragraph ‘g’ of Article 23 of the Hague Convention of 1907 AD also warned against destroying or seizing the enemy’s property, unless the necessities of war necessarily require such destruction or seizure.


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