The Israeli Occupation Troops Remove electricity poles in Bethlehem governorate

The Israeli Occupation Troops Remove electricity poles in Bethlehem governorate


  • Violation: Final removal order for electricity poles.
  • Location: Umm Ar-Rukba – Al-Khader town / Bethlehem governorate.
  • Date: September 4th 2022.
  • Perpetrators: The Israeli Civil Administration and the Israeli Occupation Army.
  • Victims: People of Al-Khader.


Sunday , September 4th 2022, The Israeli Occupation Authorities and civil administration raided Umm Ar-Rukba area in Al-Khader town , and served a final removal notice for electricity poles on the pretext of setting them without a license.

In the notice, the occupation forces order to demolish what was built and returning the plot to its previous situation (an empty land ) within 7 days.

MILAD office member in Al-Khader Iyad ‘Issa told LRC:

“The electricity poles provides electricity to most houses at the area , and the occupation’s intention is to destroy infrastructure at the location and prohibit any developments that serve Palestinians , which is a forced-eviction policy. The Occupation established Hadagan and Etamar colonies on Umm Ar-Rukba lands , they also still expand infrastructure and provide support and facilitations for colonists who live in the illegal colonies.”

Noteworthy, the occupation devoured vast areas from Umm Ar-Rukba lands to establish Etamar and Hadagan colonies , only a wall divides the houses of Palestinians and the houses of illegal colonists . As a result, the occupation uses every possible way to impose intolerable life circumstances on Palestinians to force them to evict the area – a crystal clear forced eviction policy.

About Al-Khader village:[1]

Al-Khader village is located 4 km from the western side of Bethlehem, it is bordered by Beit Jala and Batir  from the north, Hussan   and Nahaleen villages from the west, Aldoha, Wadi Rahhal, Beit Jala villages from the east, and Wadi Al-Nees from the south.  Its population is 9774 people in 2007. Its gross area is 8,279 donums; 184 of them are  the construction area.

The Israeli colonies have despoils 29 donums from the village’s lands; two are colonies existed upon a part of the lands. The first one ” Efrat” was constructed in 1979 A.D; they have usurped 5.8 donums, and its population 7037 colonists. The second one ” Nafy Danial” eas constructed on 1982A.D; they have usurped 23 donums, and its population is 1073 colonists. A part of which is established upon the village’s lands.

  The bypass roads number 60 and 375 also despoiled   more than 487 donums. In     addition to establishing the apartheid upon its lands which causes the demolishing of 280 donums and isolating of 5638 donums behind it. The length of this apartheid existing upon the village’s land is 2,805 meters.

The village’s lands are classified in accordance with Oslo concord into areas( A,B ,C). Area A  composes 10% , Area B 6%, Area C is the greatest area and it is under the total  occupation domination, and it composes 84% from the total area. The areas are clarified in donums as following:

Area A (808) donums

AreaB (475) donums

Area C(6,996) donums .





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