The Geopolitical Status in Beit Hanina Town

<strong>The Geopolitical Status in Beit Hanina Town</strong>


Location and Geography

Beit Hanina is a Palestinian town in Jerusalem Governorate located 5.5 km north of Jerusalem. It is bordered by the settlements of Neve Yacoov, Pisgat Amir and Pisgat Zeev to the east, the communities of Bir Nabala, Ar Ram and the industrial Atarot settlement to the north, Beit Hanina al Balad to the west, and Shu’fat to the south (ARIJ, 2022) (see map 1). No census has been conducted by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) to ascertain the population and housing figures in Beit Hanina, however according to the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research, the population of Beit Hanina reached 44,330, (Population of Jerusalem by Population Group, Quarter and Sub-Quarter, 2020) – Statistical Year Book 2022.

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