Notification of work stoppage and demolition notices in al-Jawaya, Ma’in and Sha’ab al-Butm, east of Yatta / Hebron governorate

Notification of work stoppage and demolition notices in al-Jawaya, Ma’in and Sha’ab al-Butm, east of Yatta / Hebron governorate


  •  Violation: a notice of demolition and another to stop work.
  • Violation date: 20/06/2022.
  • Location: Al-Jawaya, Ma’in, Sha’ab Al-Butm – Yatta town / Hebron governorate.
  • The aggressor: the so-called civil administration of the occupation.
  • Affected party: 4 Palestinian families.

The details:

 As part of the policy of targeting citizens’ homes and agricultural facilities in the Masafer Yatta area, the occupation authorities have notified agricultural housing and facilities in al-Jawaya, Ma’in, and Sha’ab al-Butm, east of Yatta town, south of Hebron.

On June 20, 2022, the occupation authorities notified the houses, water wells, and agricultural tents in each of the following residential communities:

Al-Gawaya Village:

The occupation authorities notified Ghassan Zaher Abu Tabikh to stop work and construction in an agricultural room built of bricks and roofed with tin sheets, with an area of (30 m²), in addition to a water well of (120 m³), and a metal fence made of barbed wire surrounding a plot of land of (20 dunums).

Photos 1+2: the facilities of the citizen Abu Tabikh


The citizen Abu Tabikh received a notice to stop work bearing the number (40466), in which the occupation demanded to stop construction work, on the pretext of not having a license, and set the date (6/7/2022) as the date for the session to consider “the demolition of the building or the return of the place to its previous state.”

Work stop notification No. 40466 targeting the facilities of the citizen Abu Tabikh


On May 23, 2022, the citizen Abu Tabikh had received a notification entitled “Demolition and removal of a new building – 96 hours), but he submitted an objection to it and a petition to the High Court of Occupation, but the occupation authorities informed him to stop work on these buildings.

It is worth noting that the occupation authorities are targeting the “Al-Jawaya” area with stop-work notices and demolition orders that affect the houses and facilities in the area, to limit the urban expansion, which is considered a strategic expansion area for the villages of (Al-Baraka, Karmal and Ma’in), where it was observed that the housing and facilities spread in these areas. but the occupation authorities are besieging and limiting this population and the urban spread, and it should be noted that the settlement of “Ma’on” overlooks the Al-Jawaya area from the eastern side, and the village is also bordered to the east by bypass road No. 356.

Ma’in Village:

The occupation authorities notified Ali Hamamda, with a notification entitled “Stop the Destruction of Antiquities”, bearing the number 947, in which they demanded the demolition of an agricultural tent within 3 days, under the pretext of building it on an archaeological site, and threatened that if he did not demolish it, the “Israel Antiquities Authority” would file a complaint against him along with the occupation police.

Notification No. 947 targeting the tent of citizen Ali Hamamda

Photo 3: The targeting tent


The notification targeted an agricultural tent built of rubber tires and stones and roofed with shading, on a concrete floor, with an area of (20 m²), which the citizen had built on his land for shade while working.

It should be noted that the Ma’in area is considered one of the neighborhoods of the southern town of Yatta, and the occupation had notified a number of houses and facilities in it to stop work, and citizens submitted an objection to it, but the court returned and issued final orders to stop work and demolish it within (7 days) and threatened if the citizens did not (the Owners) demolish it, the occupation authorities will implement the order and demolish the buildings.

 Sha’ab Al Butm Village:

Then the occupation authorities stormed the village of Sha’ab al-Butm, and targeted residential rooms belonging to the citizens whose names are listed in the following table:

Affected citizen

Family members

Size of the room

Year of building



Ibrahim Musa Abu Aram


60 m²



Muhammad Musa Abu Aram


50 m²




Sha’ab Al Butm Village:

The village of Sha’ab al-Butm is located in Masafer Yatta, bordered on the east by Khallet al-Dabaa, on the west by bypass road No. 317, on the north by the villages of al-Tawani and al-Mafqara, on the south by the village of Qawawis and the settlement of Susiya, and the “Avigal” settlement overlooks the village from the north, and the building area in the village has 110 dunums.


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