Halt of Work Notice for 7 Agricultural Rooms in Kharas town / West Hebron

Halt of Work Notice for 7 Agricultural Rooms in Kharas town / West Hebron


  • Violation: Halt of work notices.
  • Date: June 27th 2022.
  • Location: Khallet Nassar – Kharas / Hebron governorate.
  • Perpetrators: The Israeli Civil Administration.
  • Victims: 3 Farmers from Kharas town.


Monday, June 27th 2022 , The Israeli Occupation authorities issued halt of work notices for 3 agricultural rooms on the pretext of building without a license in Khallet Nasser West Kharas in Hebron governorate.

The affected citizens said that the notices were hanged on the rooms , and were issued by the civil administration , building subcommittee , and were entitled halt of work – construction notice.

The Occupation Authorities ordered the immediate stoppage of construction works and sat July 20th 2022 , as the date of the subcommittee session in Beit El military court to decide the fate of the structures.

The notices targeted 3 agricultural rooms built of wood fixed on metal foundations , that were sat in the plot in 2022 to store agricultural tools.

The following table shows more information about the targeted structures:

Affected citizen

Family members


Area of the room

Notice number


Mazen Al-Haj




Mustafa Abu Basma




Ibrahim Halahla






The Annexation and Expansion Wall is located 300 m away from the town , the wall devoured vast area of lands from the village.

About Kharas:[1]

It is 17km to the west of Hebron city and is inhabited by 9,000 people. Kharas totals 6579 dunums in area is edged by Halhul from the east, “Green Line” from the west, Surif town from the north and Nuba town from the south.

The village has a population of 8,582 people until 2014, with a total area of 6,579 dunums , of which 1,016 dunums are a built up area for the village.

The village lands are classified into C and B , B is (97 %) of the town , C area in 3 % are controlled by the Israeli Occupation , the following shows the area in dunums:

  • Area B : (6,315) dunums.
  • Area C : (228) dunums.




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