Eviction Notices for Agricultural lands in At-Tayba / Tarqumiya – Hebron governorate

Eviction Notices for Agricultural lands in At-Tayba / Tarqumiya – Hebron governorate


  • Violation: Eviction notices – 33 dunums.
  • Date: June 2nd 2022.
  • Location: At-Tayba – Tarqumiya town / Hebron governorate.
  • Perpetrators: The Israeli Civil Administration.
  • Victims: People of Tarqumiya town.


Thursday , June 2022 , the Israeli occupation authorities served an eviction notice for citizens in Khirbet Tayba east Tarqumiya / Hebron Governorate.

Reportedly, a vehicle related to the building and organization department at the civil administration raided the area , and an officer hanged the notice on the sieges.

The notices were issued by Governmental properties officer at the occupation authorities, and entitled “Notice of Eviction”.

The Occupation authorities order the owners to evict their own plot, uproot trees, demolish retaining walls, and remove the siege, or in other words: returning the plot as if it was never used by a man.

The Occupation authorities gave the owners (45) days to carry out the eviction, and threatened in case the owner did not carry out the eviction, they will implement it forcedly, and he’d have to pay all costs.

The following table shows more information:

Affected citizen

Family members



Area in dunums

Nature of lands

Mohammed Marqtan





Planted with olives aging 3 years old and surrounded with a siege

Mohammed Al-Fatafta





Planted with olives and grapes aging 1 year

Nemr Fatafta





Planted with olives aging 3 years and surrounded with a siege

‘Ali Fatafta





Planted with olives and grapes aging 4 years old and surrounded with a siege


Photos 1-4: Eviction notices issued by the occupation in Khirbet Tayba / Tarqumiya

The targeted lands are in “Hardash” area in Khirbet Tayba (a 600 dunums land) belong to citizens from Tarqumiya town , the owners recently rehabilitated their lands , planted plants and surrounded them with retaining walls , to protect it from the occupation.

Photos 5-9: Part of the targeted lands in the eviction

Noteworthy the targeted area is close to “Telem” and “Adora” colonies (look at the attached map) , through these measurements, the occupation authorities are prohibiting the owners from using their own lands to facilitate confiscation process.

The Occupation Authorities claims or considers these lands as “state properties” but without declaration , similar measurements started in 1998 . As the Israeli Government officials claim , this refers to an Ottoman land law in 1858 that allows the government to take over lands without  and prior notices , based on a criteria that considers cultivated area , and percentage of rocks. However, this method deprives the owners from their chance to object.

Noteworthy, it is clear recently that the occupation authorities have escalated their human rights abuses in At-Tayba village , while the village have always been targeted by settlers of the illegal settlements “Telem” and “Adora” attacks, and the occupation authorities’ intention is to take over the village lands for the expansion of those settlements.

At-Tayba is a fertile agricultural land. However, many agricultural lands received eviction notices , and most agricultural structures received halt of work notices. While Telem an Adora are growing very fast.



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