The Occupation Served a Halt of Work Notice for a poultry house in Khallet Al Furn / Hebron Governorate

The Occupation Served a Halt of Work Notice for a poultry house in Khallet Al Furn / Hebron Governorate


  • Violation: A notice to stop the work of a slaughterhouse on an area of 5 dunums.
  • Date: February 24, 2022.
  • Location: Khallet Al-Furn / South Hebron Governorate.
  • Perpetrator:  the so-called Israeli Civil Administration.
  • Victims: the citizen Khader Basal.


The Israeli occupation authorities notified the owner of a commercial agricultural facility in the “Khalet Al-Furn” area, south of Hebron Governorate, to stop work and construction there, on the pretext of not having a license, days before the facility was set to operate.

In the details, on Thursday, February 24, 2022, a force of the occupation army, accompanied by a civil vehicle belongs to the so-called the Planning and Construction Department in the Civil Administration, raided the “Khalat Al-Furn” area near the village of Birin, south of Hebron, and arrived at the site of the target Poultry Slaughterhouse whose owner was given a notice to stop work and construction in it.

Copy of the  stop- construction notice No. 31934 targeting Mr.Basal’s poultry slaughterhouse

In an interview with the owner of the facility, businessman Khader Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Basal,  57 years, told LRC’s field researcher at the following:

” In April 2021,  I started to build a poultry slaughterhouse at the cost of one million dollars on a 5-dunum plot of land I legally own. I have a few days left to launch work on the slaughterhouse, but on February 24, 2022 the construction inspector of the so-called Israeli civil administration in the West Bank came to the site and handed me a notice to stop work on the project on the pretext of not having a license. This project is considered one of the major projects in the south of Hebron, and it is scheduled to contribute to covering the local market’s need for cleaned broiler chickens in the southern regions of Hebron governorate, and will also provide about 50 job opportunities for citizens who support their families in that area”.

Picture 1: View of the poultry slaughterhouse from a distance

Citizen Basal said that he supports a family of 25 individuals, including his children and grandchildren, and among them are 7 children) and 7 women.

The notice to stop work and construction bears the number (31934), and it sets the date of 3/14/2022 as the time for holding a session by the so-called subcommittee of inspection at the “Beit El” settlement to discuss “the demolition of the building or the return of the place to its previous state” – according to the notification.

Pictures 2-4: Some facilities of the threatened poultry slaughterhouse

The project includes the following structures and facilities:

  1. A concrete wall surrounding the plot of land with a length of about 500 meters and a height of about 3 meters.
  2. A barracks for large poultry that reach the slaughterhouse, built with brick sides and roofed with tin plates, with an area of (600 m2) and equipped with electronic machines  to provide food and water to poultry in automatically.
  3. The main slaughterhouse building is built of reinforced concrete, with an area of (500 m2), equipped with the necessary tools for slaughtering and cleaning poultry, refrigerators, water lines, packaging machines, production lines and others.
  4. The Slaughter house management office, with an area of 100 m2.
  5. Two ready-made water cisterns, whose capacity are (700 m3) and (1000 m3).
  6. Two absorption pits, the capacity of each of them is (100 m3).
  7. Two toilets and outdoor washbasins.
  8. External yards and parking for cars and trucks on an area of 2000 square meters.

A glimpse on Khallet al Furn:

Khirbet Khallet al-Furn is located to the south of the city of Hebron, to the west of bypass road No. 60, opposite the junction that leads to the “Bani Hefer” settlement built on the lands of the town of Bani Naim. It is administered by the Birin village council.  Its population is about 150, most of whom are Bedouins who have taken refuge from the city of Beersheba and bought part of its lands. Its citizens work in agriculture and livestock, and they depend on solar panels to meet their daily electricity needs. The occupation authorities have carried out many demolitions and bulldozing of lands in the Khallet al-Furn area during the past years.



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