“Rahalim” settlers cut down dozens of olive groves in Yasuf in Salfit Governorate

“Rahalim” settlers cut down dozens of olive groves in Yasuf in Salfit Governorate


  • Violation: cutting and vandalizing 95 olive saplings.
  • Location: Yasuf village, east of Salfit.
  • Date of violation: 9+17/02/2022.
  • The perpetrators: gangs of settlers.
  • Affected party: a number of farmers in the village.

The violation details:

The Israeli occupation and its settlers continue to target the olive tree, a symbol of resilience in the face of the plans of the Israeli occupation, who seeks to change the character of the occupied Palestinian land by seizing vast areas of it and changing its landscape.

It is noteworthy that the village of Yasuf, east of the city of Salfit, has witnessed over the past two months a number of attacks on olive plantations, the last of which  was done by  a group of  settlers from  “Rahalim” settlement who stormed the fields and cut down about 80 olive saplings . This latest aggression was carried out on Wednesday morning , 9/2/2022), against the land of farmer Omar Rashid Musleh and his brothers Samer and Basem  who lost  40 saplings in total,   as well as farmer Muhammad Rashid Musleh who lost 25 saplings and farmer Yahya Ribhi Abdel Razek  who lost 15 saplings.


Speaking to LRC’s field researcher, farmer Samer Musleh,  said the following:

“Within a period of two weeks and for the third time, the settlers’ gangs cut down a number of olive seedlings owned by me, my brothers, and one of my relatives, in the areas of Bab al-Shi’ib, Abu al-Qasib and al-Qusour, close to the settlements of Taffouh and Rahalim, which were built on the lands of our village. The total area of our target land is 7 dunums. A few days ago, the settlers broke into the area and uprooted about 22 olive seedlings. Following this attack another settler group uprooted 40 seedlings. In the most recent attack that was performed on 9/2/2022, another 95 trees were uprooted whose age ranges from 12- 15 years, bringing the total number of trees uprooted to 157″.

 For his part, farmer Muhammad Musleh confirmed that  “The settlers cut down 25 olive seedlings whose age ranges between  2-3 years,  planted in 4 dunums piece of land which he privately owns”.

 In a further attack, the settlers on Thursday night, 17/2/2022, uprooted approximately 15 olive trees owned by farmer Ziad Jamil Abdel Razek in the “Al-Nusbah” area, northeast of Yasuf village, east of Salfit Governorate.

In an interview with LRC’s field worker Mr. Ziyad Jamil gave the following account:

The settlers’ gangs have uprooted and broken 15 olive trees, aged three years, in the Nusbah area, northeast of the town, opposite the settlement of “Taffouh”, which is built on our lands. I own a piece of land whose total area is five dunums, most of it is planted with olive trees, and I constantly do my best to tend the land, but, this did not suit the settlers who wreak havoc in the Palestinian land”.


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