Demolition Order for Residences and Retaining Walls in Bani Na’im town / East Hebron

Demolition Order for Residences and Retaining Walls in Bani Na’im town / East Hebron


  • Violation: Demolition Orders for retaining walls.
  • Date: Feb 15th 2022.
  • Location: Wad Al-A’awar – Bani Na’im town  / Hebron Governorate.
  • Perpetrators: The Israeli Civil Administration.
  • Victims: Osama Al-Khdour and ‘Imad Al-‘Ajlounji.


Tuesday, Feb 15th 2022, the occupation authorities issued halt of work and demolition order for retaining walls in Bani Na’im town, south Hebron, or the pretext of building without a license.

The affected citizen said that a vehicle belongs to the building and organization department raided the town and arrived at “Wad Al-‘A’war” area , the building inspector wrote the notices, hanged them on the targeted structures , and withdrew.

The Occupation authorities ordered to demolish the structures immediately, and threatened in case the citizens did not carry out the demolition, the forces will demolish the structures within 7 days after the issue notice , and force the owner to pay the demolition costs.

The targeted houses belong to:

  • Citizen Osama Al-Khdour: Received Demolition order number (62067) which targets a house inhabited since 9 months, and built of bricks and cement, with a total area of (150 m2) , the house is inhabited by a family of (5 members) , among them 3 children and 2 females.

Photos 1+2 : A house belongs to citizen Osama AL-Khdour

Demolition Order number 62067 which targets a house for Citizen Al-Khdour


Al-Khdour (26) said the occupation authorities issued a demolition order for the house within (96) hours . The notice was issued in reference to military order (1797). However, the assigned lawyer from Saint Yves institution managed to cancel the demolition order,  after providing evidence that the house is inhabited for more than 30 days. Noting that the notice states that the Occupation authorities may remove structures inhabited in less than 30 days.

Photo 3: a post published by Saint Yves institution to cancel the previous demolition order

After the Saint Yves institution succeed to cancel the demolition notice , the occupation authorities issued another notice in Dec 2nd 2021 , with halt of work notice on the pretext of building without a license . However, the owner prepared the legal file and filed it to the building and organization department in “The Israeli Civil Administration” .

In Reality, it is not about unlicensed constructions, The Occupation forces issued demolition orders in area C , to keep the structure as a reserve for colonial expansion.

Al-Khdour lives in constant fear that one day his house will be demolished by the Israeli occupation, which currently heavily targets structures.

Citizen ‘Imad Al-‘Ajlouni:

Received a demolition order number (62065) which targets an agricultural building in Wad Al-‘A’awar area in Bani Na’im town , the house has a total area of 40 m2, built of bricks and steal sheets , the owner had built it in 2019, and I have been living in it with my family of (10 member) among them 3 children and 4 females.

Demolition order number 62065 which targets house of Al-‘Ajlouni

The military order also targeted retaining walls surrounding a plot belongs to a citizen from Al-‘Ajlouni family , the wall is 200 m long , and surround a 2500 m2 land planted with olive trees.

Photos 4-7 : The threatened house of Al-‘Ajlouni

 A glimpse on Bani Nai’m town:

The town of BaniNaim is located 7 km to the east of the city of Hebron, and it is bordered to the north by the town of Sa’ir, to the west by the city of Hebron, to the east by Khallat al-Misfrah (Masafer BaniNaim), and to the south by al-Buwaib.

  • Its population is 24,628 according to the census of 2017.
  • Its total area is 23,309 dunums, of which 3,913 dunums are a built-up area.
  • At least 330dunums  of Palestinian owned land was seized for the construction of road No. 60.

According to Oslo agreement the town’s land is classified as followed:

  • – Areas classified as A (15,368 dunums).
  • – Areas classified as B (4,089 dunums).
  • – Areas classified as C (3,852 dunums).



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