Colonists destroy a wall and Sabotage plants in ‘Awad Family lands In Qawawis / south Hebron

Colonists destroy a wall and Sabotage plants in ‘Awad Family lands In Qawawis / south Hebron


  • Violation: Demolition of a wall and destroying agricultural lands.
  • Date: Febreuary 23rd 2022.
  • Location: Qawawis – Yatta / Hebron governorate.
  • Perpetrators: illegal israeli colonists.
  • Victims: citizen Sa’id ‘Awad.


Reportedly, illegal israeli colonists raided a plot belongs to citizen Sa’id ‘Awad (48) in Febreuary 23rd 2022 , and destroyed retaining walls , and sabotaged farmlands att he family plot in Qawawis area nearby east Yatta south Hebron.

Photos 1-4 : The remains of demolishing and destroying retaining walls in Ya’bad

The affected t9old LRC:

“We own a plot with a total area of 300 dunums east Qawawis village , that we’ve been cultivating for many years , the occupation authorities claimd that the plot belongs to the israeli government , but we hired a lawyer and a legal aid institution and we won the case. However , eventhough we proved that we own the plot , israeli colonists frequently raid our plot.

We started building retaining walls (500 m) around the plot to protect it from colonists who carry out daily assaults against us, but we were shocked on Wednesday when they destroyed the wall. The scene shows that colonists brought heavy mechaneries at night and ravaged both the wall and the plot.

In addition to destroying the wall, the land was planted with opnions , which was also damaged in the process, noting that Mitzpe Yaer colony was illegally built 100 m to the east from our plot, and parts o the lands where the colony was constructed used to be our farmlands.”

‘Awad filed several complaints to the israeli police, but nothing was done to stop the vicious assaults. 

Closure of a road nearby Qawawis:

In Sunday Febreuary 27th 2022 , Palestinian local farmers were shocked by closures and movement restrictions in Beir Al-‘Idd village in Masafer Yatta.

The road was closed via rocks and earth mounds , which hindered farmers movement though this vital road.



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