Halt of Work Notices for Houses and an Agricultural Road in Iskaka Village / Salfit Governorate

Halt of Work Notices for Houses and an Agricultural Road in Iskaka Village / Salfit Governorate


  • Violation: Halt of Work Notices.
  • Location: Iskaka village/ Salfit Governorate.
  •  Date: February 10th 2021.
  • Perpetrators: The Inspection officer – at the Israeli Civil Administration.
  • Victims: Residents of the village.


New Israeli violation targets Iskaka village. Wednesday, afternoon, the Israeli inspection officer raided Iskaka village, and notified two under construction houses on the pretext of building without a license, in addition to issuing a halt of work notice for a road (about 850 m long) that provides access for vast areas of agricultural lands.

According to the notices, the Occupation set march 1st as the date of the building and Organization Session in Beit El military court to decide the fate of the structure.

The Following table shows more information about the damages:

Affected Citizen

Number of family members

Notice number

The targeted building

Photo number

Iyad ‘Awad



Under Construction House / one floor (180 m2)

Mo’ayad ‘Awad



Under Construction House / one floor (90 m2)

An Agricultural Road / The Village Council



Agricultural road 850 m2

Mo’ayad ‘Awad (42) one of the Victims told LRC the following:

“Since Last Summer I started building a house on a plot belongs to the family, I have no other place to go, lands are limited as a result of the Occupation’s colonial expansion, the house received a halt of work notice , and they told us to apply for a license, noting that the occupation never approves construction applications in “C” area, this is only a scheme to force us eventually to leave the area.”

About Iskaka:[1]

Iskaka  is located 6 km to the northeast of Salfit city and is edged by Jamma’in village from the north,  Salfit city from the west, Ariel colony  from the west and Shevut Rahel colony from the east.

Its population mounts up to 1198 people (2017 census). Iskaka’s total land area is 5474 dunums, of 217 dunums are considered the village’s built-up area.

Israeli colonies confiscated 257 dunums from Iskaka lands. Ariel colony that was established in 1978 confiscated 198 dunums from the village.

Bypass roads confiscated around 40 dunums from the village.

The lands of Iskaka are classified according to Oslo Accords as the following:

1491 dunums (27%) are classified as area B

3983 dunums (73%) are classified as area C




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