Demolishing a House and Destroying an Electricity Network at Khallet Taha Dura town \ Hebron governorate

Demolishing a House and Destroying an Electricity Network at Khallet Taha Dura town \ Hebron governorate


  • Violation: Demolishing and destroying properties.
  • Date: February 4th 2021.
  • Location: Khallet Taha –Dura town \ Hebron Governorate.
  • Perpetrators: The Israeli Civil Administration.
  • Victims: Citizen Noah Al-Hroub and others.


Friday February 5th 2021 , the Israeli occupation authorities demolished house of Noah Al-Hroub on the pretext of building without a license in Khallet Taha west Dura Hebron Governorate, they also destroyed – for the second time- an electricity network that used to serve citizens at the location.

About 8:00 am , a massive army force accompanied by border guards , and officers from the building and organization department in the Civil Administration raided the area with a Volvo bulldozer and two Hyundai excavators belong to an Israeli civil company, and carried out the demolition:

  • Demolishing a house belong to Citizen Noah Al-Hroub:

The Bulldozer got to a house belong to citizen Al-Hroub , and was followed by an excavator , both the bulldozer and the excavator leveled the house to the ground.

Photos 1-4: Demolishing house of Noah Al-Hroub

The Occupation demolished the one floor house, which has a total area of (120 m2) , and was built at the summer of 2020 , and still under construction, it was supposed to be a home for Noah’s son and his family.

Noteworthy, in July 19th 2020 , the occupation authorities targeted a house with a halt of work notice numbered (30443) on the pretext of building without licenses , the owner prepared a legal file, and hired a lawyer to follow up the case , and refused the license.

  • Destroying a water network:

After Demolishing the house, civil administration workers cut the electricity supplier and destroyed wooden electricity columns.

The Occupation authorities destroyed a part of the network that consists of 9 wooden columns used to provide the area with electricity.

Photo 5: the occupation authorities cut the network

This is the second time the occupation targets this network in only few months , previous attacks were in:

  • September 14th 2020, The Occupation Authorities targeted an electricity network and many other facilities with 69 hours’ notice , for more information read LRC report.
  • September 23rd 2020 , the occupation demolished houses and facilities notified previously including the electricity network, read our report.
  • October 13th 2020, the Occupation notified the alternative electricity network , for more information read our report.
  • February 4th 2021 , the occupation demolished the network once again along with house of citizen Al-Hroub.
  • Demolishing a tent and confiscating its components:

The Occupation Authorities also demolished a tent , citizens had set up at their own lands , hoping to protect it after it was ravaged , the tent was set up on metal columns with a total area of 20 meters.

A tent was demolished and confiscated at his plot in September 23rd 2020 , as part of a mass demolition operation carried out in Khallet Taha.

Confiscating barbed wires :

The Occupation authorities confiscated four bundles of barbed wires that were on plot of Mohammed Iqtail , the bulldozer took them to an unknown destinationwithout giving any confiscation notices.

Photos 6-7: Confiscating a tent and barbed wires

 The Occupation Authorities during the last few months escalated demolitions of houses and facilities in Khallet Taha area nearby At-Tabaqa village , west Dura, in order to halt Palestinian construction at the location.

Colonists on the other hand are expanding on Negohot and Mershalim colonies , and build more colonial units on Palestinian lands.

Photo 8-10: Expansion works in Negohot and Mershalim illegal colonies



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