Israeli Settlers cut off and kill 85 olive seedlings in Tulkarim governorate

Israeli Settlers cut off and kill 85 olive seedlings in Tulkarim governorate


  • Violation: cutting off and killing olive trees   
  • Date:  20/01/2021
  • Location: Shofa village/ Tulkarim governorate
  • Perpetrators: Settlers of Avnei Hefetz Israeli outpost
  • Victims: The Palestinian farmer Jamal Hamed


The Israeli settlers of the outpost located to the west of Avnei Hefetz settlement have been harassing Palestinian farmers in the area since its establishment in 2020.

It was reported that a group of Avnei Hefetz settlers attacked a 7-dunum olive grove and cut off a big number of aging olive trees

Photos 1-4: signs of the attack on the olive trees

The olive trees are reported to be owned by farmer Jamal Hamed of Shofa village, who told Land Research Center the following:

” We, as Hamed family, own an area of more than 400 dunums in the periphery of Avnei Hefetz colony. A year ago, I decided to plant an area of 7 dunums with olives to protect it from colonists’ expansionist plans. I always go to my land and every time I am there, I get hindered and my trees get cut off by colonists. Today, the colonists cut off 85 olive trees aged four years. They attempt at displace me from my land”.

He also said:

“This is not the first incident of a kind, colonists graze their sheep in my grove, rendering trees damaged. Also, seven months ago, they opened an agricultural road that links the outpost to the mother colony. The road damaged massive areas from the village and the nearby ones”.

It should be indicated that the aggrieved farmer submitted a compliant to Israel’s Police but to no avail. Israel Police has been known to ignore complaints submitted by Palestinians against Israeli colonists.

Noteworthy, the colonists of Avnei Hefetz have been active in harassing the Palestinian farmer whose lands are found in the nearby. For more information on the attacks and violations, click this report.

Photo 5: the violating outpost

The Colony of AvneiHefetz:

The colony was established in 1987 atop lands confiscated by Israeli occupation forces from the villages of Kufr Al Labbad, Al Hafasi and Shofa. The built-up area of the colony is 1,397 dunums of which 355 dunums were confiscated from Kufr Al Labbad. The population of the colony is estimated to be 964. 

The colony has expanded over a number of stages as it started with only 12 mobile caravans only to expand to include 110 houses. In the year 2000 the colony witnessed a major expansion spree despite the fact that only a small number of colonists live there. The over-looking position of the colony atop Tulkarm gave the colony a special value as it was used (like others in the West Bank) as a base from which Israeli bulldozers, tanks and jeeps raided Palestinian cities and villages. 

About Shofa:[1]

9.5km to the southeast of Tulkarm city, Shofa is inhabited with 2829 people on a total area of 10,969 dunums, of which 343 dunums are considered the built-up area.

It should be marked that the colony of AvneiHefetz was established on 722 confiscated dunums from Shofa village in 1987. Now, it populates964 colonists.

To the west of Shofa, Enav colony was established on confiscated lands from the village in 1987. The colony is of 722 dunums and inhabited by 964 settlers.

The bypass roads, especially bypass 557 took over 420 dunums from the village’s lands.

According to Oslo Accords, the village’s lands are classified as follows:

  • 1143 dunums are classified as area B
  • 9826 dunums are classified as area C





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