Under Security claims .. The Occupation seals off a room belong to Nathmi Abu Baker in Ya’abad / Jenin governorate

Under Security claims .. The Occupation seals off a room belong to Nathmi Abu Baker in Ya’abad / Jenin governorate


  • Violation: Sealing off a room belongs to a prisoner.
  • Location: Ya’bad town / Jenin governorate.
  • Date: October 21st 2020.
  • Perpetrator: The Israeli Occupation forces.
  • Victims: Family of Nathmi Abu Baker.


Wednesday, October 21st 2020 , the Israeli Occupation forces raided a house belong to family of Nathmi Baker (50) years is Ya’bad and Polyurethane to close off Prisoner Nathmi Abu Baker’s room , they also closed the room with an Oxy Fuel welding , and put a notice in Hebrew stating that the room was closed under security claims.

Photos 1+2: Demolition order for prisoner Nathmi Abu Baker

Photos 5-3 : the sealed off room

Abu Baker’s wife told LRC the following:

“About 1:00, massive army forces raided the house, broke the door , and told me to evict the house within 5 minutes, they also told Nathmi’s brothers Atiya and Lafi who live in apartments at the same building to leave there appartments , we were all locked in one room guarded by armed forces , we were only allowed to leave at 6:00 am , after the occupation forces have left leaving massive damages at the three houses.”

Noteworthy , the building contains three floors (110 m2 for each) the first floor is inhabited by Nathmi’s brother ‘Atiya Abu Baker who supports a family of four, the second floor is inhabited by Lafi Abu Baker (Nathmi’s other brother) who supports a family of 9 , 7 of them are children , and the third floor is inhabited by Nathmi Abu Baker’s family which is composed of 10 people , 7 of them are children.

Photo 6: The family home

Reportedly, the whole apartment became unsuitable for living after using Polyurethane, which has a terrible smell and causes breathing issues  so Nathmi’s children are now completely homeless.

Noteworthy, May 12th 2020 , the occupation forces raided Ya’abad village and arrested citizen Nathmi Abu Baker.

The Occupation extended the period of detention for Nathmi Abu Baker, and in June 25th 2020, the occupation decided to seal off Nathmi’s room under security claims , and set 72 hours to object.

In August 10th 2020  , decided to cancel the demolition order , and to only seal off the room.

The town of Ya’bad:[1]

Ya’bad is located 18 km to the southwest of Jenin. 

Its population is 16,012, according to the 2017 census. Its total area is 29,572 dunums, of which 1,814 dunums are a built-up area.

The occupation has confiscated an area of ​​1,840 dunums of its lands, as detailed below:

  1. 483 dunums for the construction of the settlements of Mevo Dotan and Hermesh.
  2. 1357 dunums in favor of building bypass roads No. 596 and No. 585.

The lands of the town are classified according to the Oslo Accords as follows:

  • Areas classified (A) 1674 dunums.
  • Areas classified (B) 8124 dunums.
  • Areas classified (C) 19774 dunums.



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