Israeli Civil Administration Demolishes Facilities in Qalqilya governorate

Israeli Civil Administration Demolishes Facilities in Qalqilya governorate


  • Violation: Demolishing agricultural and commercial facilities.
  • Location: Qalqilya city and Jayyous town.
  • Date: October 20th 2020.
  • Perpetrator: The Israeli Occupation Civil Administration.
  • Victims: Citizens Salih Bayda, Abdullah Yaseen , and Mahdi Dawoud.


The Israeli Occupation Authorities continue imposing difficult conditions on Palestinians and depriving them from their basic rights guaranteed by International Law and Agreements.

Tuesday, October 20th 2020, the Israeli Occupation authorities demolished an agricultural room behind the Annexation and Expansion wall in Jayyous north Qalqilya. Concurrently, the Occupation Authorities demolished three commercial facilities built at the eastern entrance of the village; the demolition was preceded by notices issued in reference to military order “1797”, which gives the owners only 96 hours to evict the targeted structure.

Demolishing an agricultural facility in Jayyous:

In the early morning hours of Tuesday October 20th 2020 , about 8:00 am, The Israeli Occupation forces accompanied by the inspection officer in the Civil Administration invaded lands isolated behind the Apartheid Wall west Jayyous, where they demolished an agricultural facility.

The targeted facility is built in natural block “3” piece “284” of Jayyous land in As-Sateh location.

The facility is a room with a total area of 16 m2 built of metal corners and strengthened metal sheets set up on a cement floor with an  area of 150 m2, the room was used as a resting spot for owner Saleh Bayda (49) , who owns a 7 dunums farm planted with citrus, olives , and Guava.

 Reportedly, the owner received a military order entitled “Removal of a new building” and numbered “10067” at July 8th 2020, the notice gave the owner 96 hours to carry out the demolition, for more information read this report.

Saleh Bayda told LRC the following:

“Once I received the military order I started following the legal procedures to object on the notice, after several sessions at the Occupation’s court, the court decided to demolish the structure in October , My loss reached 15 thousand Shekels , I wanted to keep the facility in my plot in order to protect it from confiscation, but the Occupation’s intention is to impose realities on the ground , and prohibit accessing lands behind the Apartheid wall in order to implement its Annexation schemes.”

Photo 1: The Annexation and Expansion Wall in Jayyous

Demolishing three agricultural facilities:

About 9:30 am of Tuesday , the Israeli Occupation Forces accompanied by the building an organization officer raided Qalqilya city from its eastern entrance and carried out a mass demolition operation that leveled three agricultural facilities (all built of metal bodies and plastic sheets) and surrounded by a metal siege, iron sheets and insulators.

Each one of the targeted facilities has a total area of (80 m2) , the operation also included ravaging a floor of concrete and stones , an electric network and a waterline that used to provide the facilities with water and electricity , and 9 pottery pots were smashed.

The targeted facility belong to citizens:  Mahdi Dawoud (28) from Qalqilya , and Abdullah Yaseen (33) who is married and supports a family of 6 , 2 of them are children , in addition to his father and mother.

One of the facilities was used as a grocery store, and the other was used as a vegetables store, while the third one was a car washer. The cost of constructing the three facilities reached 140,000 shekels.

Photos 2+3: The demolished car washer

One of the victims , Abdullah Yassin told LRC the following : “Early March , My partner Mahdi Dawoud and I constructed three facilities with hopes to create sources of income for ourselves to support our families, and in July 18th 2020 , The Occupation’s inspection officer raided the area and delivered notice number “10063” , which is entitled removal of a new building within 96 hours,  I followed legal procedures , but failed to protect the structures from demolition.

Photo 4: notice of demolition

Photo 5: Notice served after the notice

The Owner asserted: in October 20th 2020, I was shocked of massive army forces accompanied by the building officer raided the area and forced me to empty the structures , then carried out the demolition.

Photos 6-9: The targeted facilities after the demolition



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