The Israeli Occupation target farmlands in  Hebron city

The Israeli Occupation target farmlands in  Hebron city



July 13th 2020, the Israeli occupation authorities invaded Hebron farmlands and carried on ravaging, cutting and confiscating trees , on the pretext that the targeted lands are “State properties”.

The attacks took place in three main areas:

First – Al-‘Adaisseh, South Sa’ir:

An army force accompanied by bulldozers and workers from the Israeli Civil Administration, stormed the Al-Adaisah area, southwest Sa’ir, and invaded a farmland that belong to Yousef Jaradat , then  cut down olive trees using electric tools. The attack resulted in cutting and looting about 70 trees (15 years old) that belong to the so Called Israeli Civil Administration.

Photos 1-4: Jaradat’s plot after the attack

The Occupation Authorities cut trees of around 12 dunums, noting that Al-‘Adaisah is a mountainous area that became threatened of confiscation after the occupation built “Kiryat Arba’a” and “Kharsina” colonies on nearby confiscated lands, in addition to bypass 60 that passes close the area.

Jaradat explained that in 2001, 90 dunums of Jaradat and al-Aramin families’ lands were declared as state properties where access is prohibited for Palestinians, the owners filed objections , and provided ownership deeds prove that they own the olive groves , but the occupation forces shortly after that, cut the olives and uprooted the plot.

Second: The Baqa’a, east Hebron:

At the time an occupation force was sabotaging olive trees in Al-‘Adaissa area, another force was targeting a plot belongs to Mohammed Jaber in Al-Baqa’a close to Aj-Jalajil area east Hebron.

An army force accompanied by a vehicle from the Israeli civil administration and a caterpillar bulldozer raided  the area and ravaged a plot that belong to citizen Jaber. Reportedly, the targeted plot has a total area of 2 dunums planted with vegetables, and surrounded by a retaining wall which is also ravaged.

This is the third time The Occupation forces ravage Jaber’s plot, it was previously ravaged in 2009 and 2015.  For more information, please see the following report:

The Occupation Ravages lands in Al-Buqa’a location east Yatta

Third: Khallet Al-Eidah, south Hebron:

After leveling Jaber’s land in Al-Buqa’a area, the Occupation troops headed to Khalat Al-Eidah near Jabal Jawhar, south Hebron, and ravaged a plot that belongs to Nimer Jaber, under claims that the plot is registered as a “state land” in their records.

The occupation forces encircled the area, and demolished the retaining wall of a 2 dunums plot , Jaber rehabilitated the plot four years ago and planted it with olives.

Photos 5-7: Eviction notice for Jaber’s lands/ The plot after the ravaging

March 17th 2020 , the occupation authorities notified the plot on the pretext of classifying it as state properties , and gave the owner 45 days to file an objection. The objection period happened to be in time of the Corona virus lockdown, the owner couldn’t file an objection, so the occupation authorities carried out the ravaging.


Ravaging lands, uprooting and confiscating trees, came under the framework of “eviction” which usually follows an eviction notice, noting that these lands are registered as private Palestinian lands inherited from a generation to then other, and the heirs have ownership deeds that prove their allegation.

However, the occupation authorities are trying to take over as much as it is possible from West Bank lands for future colonialist projects.




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