Terrorist price tag settler gangs attack the village of Al Luban Al Sharqi (eastern Luban)- Nablus governorate

Terrorist price tag settler gangs attack the village of Al Luban Al Sharqi (eastern Luban)- Nablus governorate


  • The Violation: Car tires punctures and anti Arab slogans written
  • Location: Al Lubban Al Sharqiya village, south of Nablus.
  • Date of violation: 07/07/2020.
  • Perpetrators: settlers from price tag gangs.
  • Affected party: several citizens of the village.

Violation details:

On Tuesday, July 7, 2020, settlers punctured the tires of eight vehicles and wrote anti-Arab racist slogans during an attack on the town of Al Lubban Al Sharqiya, south of Nablus.

The head of Al Lubban Al Sharqiya village Council, Mr. Yaqoub Owais, told the Land Research Center’s researcher the following:

In the early morning hours of Tuesday morning, a group of settlers infiltrated to the center of the village  on foot, coming from the “Eli” settlement, which is built on large parts of the village lands, and were seen by a number of village citizens who initially believed that they were members of the occupation army. The attackers punctured and tore down parked car tire, prompting the citizens to take to the streets, and then the attackers fled from the same road that they came from, towards the settlement of “Eli”. We conducted a tour in the village to inspect the damage caused by the colonialists, and it was found that they wrote racist slogans and damaged the tires of 8 cars belonging to each of the citizens: Mr. Faisal Iyad Owais, Mr. Jihad Faisal Awais, Mr. Murad Faisal Owais, Mr. Ziad Faisal Owais, Mr. Mahmoud Issa Owais, Mr. Muhammad Issa Owais, Mr. Faisal Walid Owais and Mr. Maarouf Walid Owais “. 

Photos 1-5: vehicles attacked by the colonists.

It is worth noting that the activities of extremism and terrorism practiced by these gangs who call themselves “the hilltop youth” and the ” the price tag” gangs are mainly poured into the ideology that is fed into their minds by some extremist rabbis, as they receive their education in extremist schools that exist in some Colonies scattered in the West Bank.

A glimpse on eastern Luban village:

The Eastern Luban village is located 22 km south of Nablus city.  It rises 560 m above sea level, with a total area of ​​15,637 dunums, of which 255 dunums are built up area.  Its land is mainly cultivated with grain, barely, vegetables, olive trees, fig and grape trees. Its lands are surrounded by the lands of the villages of Al-Sawiya, Iskaka, Salfit, Amuriyah, Sinjil and Abween.

Its population is 2,640 according to  2017 census.

At least 1670 dunums from its lands have been confiscated, as followed:

  • 221 dunums for the building of Ma’aleh Levona settlement in 1983, and now inhabited by 497 settlers;
  • 947 dunums for the building of Eli settlement in 1984, and now inhabited by 2058 settlers.
  • 502 dunums were seized for the building and expansion of road No. 60.

The village’s land classification by Oslo agreement:

  • Areas classified as A (5,313 dunums).
  • Areas classified as B (4,037 dunums).
  • Areas classified as C (6,287 dunums).







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