Halt of Work notices for houses and facilities in Birin village / south Hebron

Halt of Work notices for houses and facilities in Birin village / south Hebron


  • Violation: Halt of Work Notices.
  • Date: July 26th 2020.
  • Location: Birin – Bani Na’im / Hebron governorate.
  • Perpetrators: The Israeli Occupation Civil Administration.
  • Victims: Yousif Al-Hanjouri and Ja’afar Al-Qadi.


Sunday July 26st 2020, the Israeli Occupation authorities issued halt of work notices targeting houses and facilities in Birin village south Bani Na’im in Hebron governorate.

Farid Burqan Birin village council head told LRC the following:

“A vehicle from the building and organization department in the civil administration accompanied by an army patrol raided the village in the early morning hours, and hanged the notices on the targeted structures, and took pictures of them then left.”

The Occupation authorities ordered the immediate stoppage of construction works and set August 11th 2020, as the date of the subcommittee session in Beit El military court to decide the fate of the structure.

The notices targeted:

  • Citizen Yousif Al-Hanjouri : he received halt of work notice numbered (00585) that targets several facilities ; A shack built on a baton floor (70 m2) , which is a residence for a family of 10 , 8 of them are children , the notice also targe a kitchen built of steel sheets (10 m2) , and a store (10 m2), in addition to a wall built of stones and cement and surrounds the before mentioned facilities.

Notice number (00585) : targets a house belong to Al-Hanjouri

  • Citizen Ja’afar Al-Qadi:he received a halt of work notice numbered (00583) which targets a house built of stones and concrete , with a total area of 60 m2 since 2019, and was supposed to be a house for a family of 6 , 4 of them are children.

Notice number (00583) : targets a house belong to Al-Qadi


Birin hamlet: [1]

It is located to the southwest of Bani Na’im village and is inhabited by 300 people. The hamlet is edged by Bani Haiver colony from the east and the bypass road no. 60 from the west. Residents of the area were expelled from Negev area and now depend on agriculture and livestock husbandry as main sources of income. The hamlet accommodates one only primary school (1st- 7th grades). Birin (two water wells) was named after two water wells founded in the area.

In reality, the issue is not all about unlicensed construction than it is on the occupation’s intention to take over more lands in the area of their control (Area C according to Oslo Accords). The Israeli occupation considers such lands as a colonial reserve, which will be hard to negotiate on in any future agreements with Palestinians.




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