Olive seedlings and metal corners stolen by settlers in  Bruqin village land – Salfit governorate

Olive seedlings and metal corners stolen by settlers in  Bruqin village land – Salfit governorate


  •  Violation: stealing olive seedlings and metal corners.
  • Location: Bruqin village / Salfit Governorate.
  • Date of violation: 06/02/2021.
  • Perpetrators: settlers from the settlement of “Brochin”.
  • Affected party: Farmer Yousef Sabra.

Violation details:

In the evening hours of Saturday, January 6, 2021, a group of settlers infiltrated from the settlement of “Brochin”, which is located on parts of the town of Bruqin, and headed towards the “Al-Wadat” area, north of the town. The attacking settlers  destroyed and stole 17 olive seedlings,  13 citrus plants and 84 metal corners donated by the French International relief for the benefit of the farmer Yusef Muhammad Abdul Latif Sabra, a citizen of the town.

Colonists, also, destroyed and cut up a 20-meter-long metal fence surrounding parts of the  plot of land owned by the affected citizen.

It is noteworthy that this is the second attack in a month against the land and properties of the above mentioned owner. During the first aggression,  the settlers demolished a stone retaining wall and vandalized  a barbed wire fence that was built around the land.

Pictures 1-5: Pictures of the damage inflicted on Bruqin land.

The affected farmer informed the Land Research Center researcher the following:

“This attack is not considered the first of its kind, but it was repeated four times during the past three years, the last of which was on 25/11/2020 by cutting 35 olive plants from my land. Previously on 2/3/2020, 42 plants were cut and vandalized, and before that olive fruits and agricultural tools were stolen from my land whose total area is 6 dunums ​​and located close to the fence of the aforementioned colony. The occupation authorities had already confiscated two thirds of my land-  more than 12 dunums- and the remaining parts are often attacked by settlers.  I submitted a large number of complaints to the Israeli police, and every time the assault is recorded against an unknown person”.

 It is noteworthy that the farmer Yusef Sabra is one of many farmers  who own agricultural lands near the Israeli settlements, and continuously face attacks and harassment on the part of settlers to dissuade them from cultivating their lands with the aim of emptying it and, then, controlling it in favor of expanding those settlements or building new ones.

Bruqin village[1]:

The village of Bruqin is located 10 km from the western side of the city of Salfit and it is bordered by Haris, and on its lands was established the Industrial Zone affiliated to  “Ariel” settlement. Its population is 4,174 people according to the 2014 census.Its total area is 12,285 dunums, of which 704 dunums are a built-up area.

The occupation confiscated an area of ​​(3,385) dunams of its lands, for the following purposes:

–  ​​3,334 dunums of the village’s lands for Israeli settlement construction;

– 503 dunums for the building of the Expansion and Annexation Wall;

–  785 dunums for the construction of the 7,855 m long Wall path, in addition to annexing 5,159 dunums behind it.

Classification of village land according to the Oslo Agreement:

– Area Classified as A (1,000 dunums);

– Area classified as B  (4,376 dunums);

– Area classified as C (6,905 dunums).

[1]  Source : LRCJ, GIS.


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