Halt of work notice targets an agricultural room in At-Tayba – East Tarqumiya/ Hebron governorate

Halt of work notice targets an agricultural room in At-Tayba – East Tarqumiya/ Hebron governorate


  • Violation: Halt of work notice.
  • Date: June 14th 2020.
  • Location: At-Tayba – Tarqumiya town / Hebron governorate.
  • Perpetrators: The Israeli Occupation Civil Administration.
  • Victims: Citizen Mustafa Thabayna.


The Israeli Occupation authorities raided At-Tayba east Tarqumiya , and served halt of work and demolition notices, The fanatic troops also implemented several demolition operations , under claims of building without licenses.

June 14th 2020, Mustafa found a notice hanged on his house; the notice was numbered (30426) and issued by “The civil administration – High organization Council- The inspection subcommittee”. Through the notice, the occupation authorities ordered the immediate stoppage of construction work, and set July 6th 2020 as the date of the subcommittee session in Beit El military court to decide the fate of the structure.

Photo 1: Halt of work notice

Thabayna owns a plot with a total area of (5 dunums) , planted with fruitful trees , and consists of a room built of stones and mud since the 50s , he also built a Pergola of woods and zinc above the room, he stays in the room during the summer , to herd his cattle.

Noteworthy, this is one of 15 notices distributed in the area , targeting citizens’ houses and facilities , the aim is to impose more restrictions on At-Tayba people to force them to leave the area.

Photos 2+3: the targeted agricultural room

Bypass 35 and (Adora and Telem) settlements devoured vast areas of At-Tayba.

About Tarqumiya: [1]

10 km to the west of Hebron city , Tarqumiya is edged by Beit Ula and Beit Kahil villages from the north,  Idhna village from the west, Taffuh village from the east and Dura village from the south.

Its population mounts up to 19,311  people (2017 census). Tarqumiya‘s total land area is 22,106 dunums, of which 2,117 dunums are considered the village’s built-up area.

Israeli colonies confiscated 948 dunums from Marda lands. Adora colony that was established in 1982 confiscated 442 dunums from the village. It is now home for 191 colonists.

As for Telem colony, it confiscated 506 dunums from Tarqumiya and is now home for 127 colonists.

The lands of Tarqumiya are classified according to Oslo Accords as the following:

  • 8,186 dunums (37%) are classified as area B
  • 13,920 dunums (63%) are classified as area C




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