Eviction order targeting lands in Haris / Salfit governorate

Eviction order targeting lands in Haris / Salfit governorate


  • Violation: An eviction notice targeting a 7 dunums plot.
  • Location: Haris illage / West Salfit.
  • Date: June 25th 2020.
  • Perpetrator : Governmental properties department- The Israeli Occupation Civil Administration.
  • Victims: Farmer Wael Sultan and his family.


The Israeli Occupation Forces accompanied by an officer from the civil administration raided Haris village in Thursday June 25th 2020 , and hanged a notice on a siege that surrounds a 7.3 dunums plot planted with olives aging 7 years old , and belongs to farmers Wael Sultan.

Reportedly , the targeted plot contains a total of (110) olive trees , and according to notice number (01001), the occupation gave the owner 15 days to evict the plot and uproot the trees.

Activist Issa Souf told LRC:

“Settlers of “Revava” have a new scheme , to devour a plot and open a park close to the settlement , the new park will be named “Matan Yahoo” after an extremist leader who lived in “Kiryat Arba’a”.

The targeted plot is planted with olives , and was before that a wheat field , illegal settlers were carrying out frequent attacks in an attempt to force the owners to leave the land , or stop visiting it , the attacks are particularly intense and regular in olive harvesting season and against olive trees , as olive trees are a symbol of Palestinian resistance.”

Photos 1-2 : Notice number 01001 and the attached map

Photos 3-5: The targeted plot.

About Haris:[1]

7 km to the northwest of Salfit governorate, Haris is located with a total land area of 8769 dunum, of which 190 dunums are the village’s built-up area. Haris is surrounded by the villages of Deir Istiya from the north, Kifl Haris from the east, Kfar ad-Dik and Bruqin from the southwest and Qarawat Bani Hassan from the west.

It has a total population of 3740 people according to the census of Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics for 2009. Those people hail from the following families: Abu Atta, Dawoud, Salamih, Sultan, Shihada, Souf, Faz’, Awwad, Qasim, and Klaib. The Israeli occupation confiscated 3631 dunums from the village as follows :

  1. Israeli colonies confiscated 2672 dunums as detailed in the below table


Year of establishment

Confiscated area\dunum

Number of colonists

Kiryat Netafim












Burkan Industrial



Ariel Industrial







  1. 726 dunums were confiscated to open the bypass roads numbers ( 505, 4765, 5506)
  2. The apartheid wall confiscated 233 dunums for its establishment. Upon its completion, the wall will isolate 7135 dunums

According to Oslo Accords, the lands of Haris are classified as follows:

  • 631 dunums are classified as area “B”
  • 7815 dunums are classified as area “C”



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