Demolition of three agricultural residences in Tarqumiya / Hebron governorate

Demolition of three agricultural residences in Tarqumiya / Hebron governorate


  • Violation: Demolition of agricultural residences.
  • Date: May 27th 2020.
  • Location: At-Tayba- Tarqumiya / Hebron governorate.
  • Perpetrator: The Israeli Occupation Army.
  • Victims: Three brothers from Ja’afreh Family.


Wednesday, May 27th 2020 , The Israeli Occupation authorities demolished three agricultural residences, on the pretext of building without licenses in At-Tayba area east Tarqumiya.

About 9:00 am , a massive army force accompanied by border guards and officials from the building and organization department with a Hyundai excavator raided the area, and after surrounding the targeted location the machineries carried out the demolition.

Photos 1-4: The location following a massive demolition operation that razed three residences

The targeted structures belong to three brothers:

  • Citizen Raed Ja’afreh : The Occupation forces razed his agricultural residence , which has a total area of 70 m2, and consists of a room , a kitchen and a bathroom it was built in 2018 on a plot (1 dunum), the operation also destroyed the furniture inside the house , and about 150 bricks next to the house.

On its way to the house, the bulldozers destroyed the  metal gate to enter the plot.

Noteworthy , in May 19th 2020 the owner found a notice that requests to “demolish or remove the building within 96 hours” in his plot.

  • Citizen Ahmad Ja’afreh : The Occupation forces also razed his agriculture residence , which has a total area of 70m2 and built of bricks and cement, it consists of a room , kitchen and a bathroom , it was built on a 1 dunums plot, the destruction affected 1.5 tons of construction materials (cement) that were inside the house.

The owner also found a notice in May 19th 2020 , that requests to remove the building within 96 hours.

  • Citizen Wael Ja’afreh: The occupation demolished a room he built in his blot (25 m2), and attached by an outer bathroom , both of them were built of bricks and cement on 2018, the bulldozers also demolished 5 meters of retaining walls that surrounded the plot.

The owner also found a notice to remove the building within 96 hours in his plot under claims of building without licenses.

The occupation authorities referred to military order 1797 issued in 2018 to issue these notices, which primarily targets newly constructed buildings.

Photos 5-7 : The notices that targeted the structures


In this type of military orders , the occupation authorities do not give the chance to file an objection or for legal interventions. on the contrary,  they insist on implementing the notice and demolishing the targeted building .

At-Tauba area is located to the east of Tarqumiya , it is known of its fertile land, but the occupation confiscated a big part of its land for the construction of “Telem” and “Adora” illegal settlements.

The occupation also intensified their violations against people of the area , with the intention to empty the area from its original people and keep it as a colonial reserve.

About Tarqumiya:[1]

10 km to the west of Hebron city , Tarqumiya is edged by Beit Ula and Beit Kahil villages from the north,  Idhna village from the west, Taffuh village from the east and Dura village from the south.

Its population mounts up to 19,311  people (2017 census). Tarqumiya‘s total land area is 22,106 dunums, of which 2,117 dunums are considered the village’s built-up area.

Israeli colonies confiscated 948 dunums from Marda lands. Adora colony that was established in 1982 confiscated 442 dunums from the village. It is now home for 191 colonists.

As for Telem colony, it confiscated 506 dunums from Tarqumiya and is now home for 127 colonists.

The lands of Tarqumiya are classified according to Oslo Accords as the following:

  • 8,186 dunums (37%) are classified as area B
  • 13,920 dunums (63%) are classified as area C


Demolishing Palestinian houses and facilities is a violation of international and humanitarian law , but under a global pandemic the demolition crimes are even crueler, and despite that the Israeli Occupation intensified their demolition operations.

In April 3rd 2020, The Israeli Occupation’s Army commander Nidav Alof passed a resolution to give a 2 months extension for objections related to planning and construction during the Corona lockdown, but the resolution wasn’t implemented and remained words on paper.   



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