Jerusalemites are left alone in the Corona battle

Jerusalemites are left alone in the Corona battle


Once the outbreak of the corona virus in occupied Palestine (Israel) began, the occupation authorities declared a state of emergency to halt the spread of the global pandemic. The Israeli ministry of Health released a list of instructions to avoid catching  the corona virus infection, the Israeli government prepared number of centers for quarantine, and clinics to make tests for possible patients, but in light of all these intensive measurements, it is clear that the occupation’s government is neglecting the indigenous people of the land who live forcibly under the Israeli Occupation.

These measurements that aim to fight the global pandemic neglected Palestinians who live in the eastern part of Jerusalem. Arab neighborhoods east Jerusalem are very crowded due to restrictions on construction imposed on Palestinians by the Israeli government while they claim that east Jerusalem is within the Israeli Jerusalem municipality borders, they refuse to provide the area’s residents with proper services, their only objective is to take over the area and expel its original people, and that is their slogan since they occupied east Jerusalem and annexed it in 1967.

Palestinians in east Jerusalem are fighting the corona pandemic all alone , while Israel is prohibiting the Palestinian authorities from intervening and declaring a state of emergency in Jerusalem , or taking any precautionary measurements. The occupation oppression does not stop at that point, it is reported that the occupation forces raided Sour Bahir village east Jerusalem and confiscated a truck that contained food parcels to be distributed to families in need in light of the corona crisis as many people lost their jobs.

The occupation forces went after Jerusalemite volunteers who were sterilizing east Jerusalem neighborhoods using basic tools, they stopped them and confiscated the tools they had.

Number of institutions and personals composed “The Jerusalemite community to fight Corona”, but most of the volunteers were summoned by the Israeli occupation police.

Palestinian families called number of Arab Knesset members to intervene, among them Ahmad Altebei. recently, Israeli’s Ministry of Health was pressured to open a center in the eastern part of city , and create a hotline in Arabic to respond to queries of Palestinian citizens ,actually two center were opened, one of them in Shafat and another one in Jabal Al-Mukabir.

What raises the alarm that a sudden increase of infections appeared in Silwan village , which threatens of a deep crisis , as Palestinian neighborhoods especially in Silwan and its surrounding are very crowded with extensively rough living conditions  due to the occupation’s measurements in the area, the occupation authorities prohibit construction for Palestinians in Jerusalem , and never approve their licenses applications, and any constructions without licenses will eventually face the fate of demolition.

The question that raises here: is how can a Jerusalemite living in a crowded neighborhood avoid infection while several families live in each building?, this question is raised in several neighborhoods in Jerusalem such as Silwan, Ras Al-Amoud, Jabal Al-Mukabir, Sour Bahir, the old city of Jerusalem, Shufat Refugees cap , Ras Khamees and ‘Anata.

The occupation bears the full responsibility for this crisis , as they are the main cause for the circumstances Jerusalemites are living under.

The Jerusalemites’ demands are among the basic rights for people living under an occupation, as article 55 of Geneva fourth convention states:

To the fullest extent of the means available to it, the Occupying Power has the duty of ensuring the food and medical supplies of the population; it should, in particular, bring in the necessary foodstuffs, medical stores and other articles if the resources of the occupied territory are inadequate.

The Occupying Power may not requisition foodstuffs, articles or medical supplies available in the occupied territory, except for use by the occupation forces and administration personnel, and then only if the requirements of the civilian population have been taken into account. Subject to the provisions of other international Conventions, the Occupying Power shall make arrangements to ensure that fair value is paid for any requisitioned goods.
The Protecting Power shall, at any time, be at liberty to verify the state of the food and medical supplies in occupied territories, except where temporary restrictions are made necessary by imperative military requirements.

We as Palestinians were hoping that such a humanitarian crisis will create humanitarian cooperation even between enemies, but the Israeli occupation’s racism appears even in time of crisis, the Israeli occupation’s human rights violations against Palestinians including Jerusalemites escalated rapidly recently , while human rights institutions are locked down due to the pandemic which is a clear evidence of the occupation’s cruelty.

It Is such a pointless farce to tell Palestinians to stay home, then demolish their homes over their heads. The occupation won’t provide the necessary services for Palestinians , and does not want them to organize support committees, or allow the Palestinian ministry of health to look after them like any Palestinian citizen.

This reminds of a famous Arab saying : “do not cut a loaf of bread, and do not eat an already cut loaf, and eat whatever you want.”

And the only thing that gives us hope is a Hadith by prophet Mohammed (pbuh): “an oppressor will never last long in Jerusalem.”.



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