Eviction Notices for Agricultural lands in Shuyukh Al-Aroub / North Hebron

Eviction Notices for Agricultural lands in Shuyukh Al-Aroub / North Hebron


  • Violation: Eviction notices for lands.
  • Date: January and February 2020.
  • Location: Al-Qinya – Shuyukh Al-‘Aroub.
  • Perpetrators: The Israeli Occupation Forces.
  • Victims: farmers and landowners from Shuyukh Al-‘Aroub.


The Israeli Occupation forces issued eviction notices for Agricultural lands in Shyukh Al-‘Aroub north Hebron, on the pretext of using “State lands- Governmental properties”.

Farmers found Eviction notices in their lands in Al-Qinya east the village , the notices were in Hebrew but translated into Arabic , and were attached by an Aerial map showing the targeted lands.

The orders were issued by “the Civil Administration – the Responsible on government properties- Central inspection Unit” both entitled “Eviction notice”.

  • Eviction Notice no (001304):

Issued in January 26th 2020, and found on the targeted lands, the owners are:

  1. Issa Moahmmed ‘Ayyad: Who owns a 14.5 dunums plot, rehabilitated and surrounded with barbed wires and retaining walls, the plot is cultivated with trees (100 grapevines ,60 olive trees , 60 Almond trees) , In addition to Aromatic plants such as sage and thyme.
  2. ‘Awni Mohammed ‘Uwaidat: Who owns a 4 dunums plot, rehabilitated in 2012 and cultivated with trees (the plot contains 100 almond trees).
  3. ‘Omar Issa Al-Krunz: Who owns a 2 dunums plot surrounded by retaining walls.

Photos 1+2: Notice no 001304 and its attachments

  • Eviction Notice no (001309) :

Issued in February 13th 2020, Notice 001309 targeted a plot belongs Ahmed Abdul Fatah Ghawanma , which has a total area of 6 dunums and was rehabilitated in 2010. The targeted plot is surround by retaining walls , and cultivated with trees (150 grapevine , 50 olive trees, 40 almond trees).

The Owner also built a water harvesting cistern, with a storage capacity of 90m3.


Photos 3+4: Notice no 001309 and its attachments

  • Citizen ‘Adel ‘Eid also received an Eviction notice on his 3.5 dunums plot.

The Occupation Authorities gave the owners only 45 days to object before carrying out the forced eviction. Noting that eviction means: Uprooting trees, destroying retaining walls, cisterns, and returning the plot as if it was never touched by a man.

Most Objections on Eviction notices were refused, the occupation authorities usually insists under false pretenses to empty the land, the targeted plots are mostly private properties, and the owners have legal papers to prove their properties.

The Occupation authorities aim to empty the land for future colonial schemes, this is reflected well in military order 001304 were the occupation insists on eviction because the new bypass road will pass through these lands.



Prepared by
 The Land Research Center



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