Demolitions and Confiscations in Al-Hijra village south Hebron

Demolitions and Confiscations in Al-Hijra village south Hebron


  • Violation: Demolishing a wall and confiscating materials.
  • Date : February 6th 2020.
  • Location: Al-Hijra village – Dura town / Hebron governorate.
  • Perpetrator: The Israeli Occupation Civil Administration.
  • Victims: Al-Kababja and Al-Masharqa families.


Thursday, February 6th 2020, the Israeli Occupation Authorities demolished a retaining wall and confiscated a caravan in Al-Hijra village – East Dura Hebron governorate.

About 9:00 am , a massive army force accompanied by a vehicle from the building and organization department in the Israeli civil administration , an excavator, troops and trucks  raided Al- Hijra village , surrounded the targeted location, and carried out several assaults against Palestinian farmers and their farmlands.

First, Demolishing Retaining Walls:

Israeli Machineries (an excavator) demolished a retaining wall and a stone wall that surround a plot belong to citizen Khaled Kababji , the targeted retaining wall is reportedly 300 m long topped by barbed wires , in addition to destroying a stone wall about 200 m long built in 2019 to surround 12 dunums of a farmland.

Photos 1-6 : after demolishing a wall in Al-Kababji’s plot

Late last year, the occupation authorities served a demolition notice for walls on the pretext of building without a license , and gave the owner 96 hours to carry out the demolition , which deprived the owner from any chance o file an objection.

The Occupation forces also demolished an agricultural room (20 m2) built of bricks and cement, the owner had built late last year to be used as a store.

Second, demolishing and confiscating vegetables Market Stall:

The Occupation authorities demolished and confiscated vegetables market stalls set up on the main street by Palestinian citizens.

The Occupation authorities brought a massive truck and loaded the vegetables and the stalls.

Photo 7: following destroying the market stalls

The Occupation demolished and confiscated stalls that belong to:

  • Farmer Mohammed Issa Al-Masharqa: The Occupation demolished a stall composed of woods and plastic sheets, and confiscated vegetables offered for sell in the stall and worth about 8000 shekels.
  • Farmer Mohammed Ismael Al-Masharqa: The Occupation confiscated a large quantity of vegetables offered for sell at the side of a road.

Noteworthy, the occupation authorities clearly targets Palestinian farmers at the area, through prohibiting them from selling the products of their farmlands .  Farmer Mohammed Masharqa pointed out that this is the fifth assault in one year, noting that the occupation authorities confiscated vegetables that worth 150 ,000 shekels during the last year.

Third, confiscating a container and a serving a demolition notice for a Workshop: 

The Occupation Authorities also demolished a container belong to Citizen Ibrahim Masharqa on the pretext of building without a license.

Photo 8 : The Occupation authorities confiscating a container

Al-Masharqa used the container as a store for Aluminum products, he owns an Aluminum workshop nearby the container.

Workers accompanying the occupation troops started emptying the container , then loaded the container on the truck and confiscated it , after writing a notice “Confiscating a container , and keeping it in Kfar ‘Etzion colony”.

Noteworthy, In January 7th 2020 , the occupation authorities served a halt of work notice for the workshop , which building is composed of bricks and cement on the pretext of building without a license , the owner prepared a legal file in January 23rd 2020 , and applied for a license , but he still received a halt of work and demolition notice for the workshop.

Photo 9: Notice of demolition for the workshop

Photo 10: the targeted structure

The targeted workshop has a total area of 90 m2, built since 2017 , and provides job opportunities for citizen Masharqa and his sons , which in turn provide a source of income for 11 families.

Al-Masharqa applied for a license for both the workshop and the container, and provided all the necessary papers that prove he owns the land. But the occupation however never gives licenses to Palestinians.


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