New Israeli military order targets a residence and a facility in B area – Ar-Ramadeen / South Hebron

New Israeli military order targets a residence and a facility in B area – Ar-Ramadeen / South Hebron


  • Violation: Israeli military orders target a residence and a facility.
  • Date: 24/11/2019.
  • Location: Sono’a Aj-Jabri – Ar-Ramadeen / Hebron governorate.
  • Perpetrator: The Israeli occupation army commander.
  • Victims: Suliman Abu Qa’oud and his son Anwar.


Sunday, October 24,2019 , the Israeli occupation authorities issued military orders targeting Anwar Abu Qa’oud’s residence and a facility that belongs to his father Suliman Abu Qa’oud in Sono’a Aj-Jabri – Ar-Ramadeen.

Anwar (23) told LRC: “A civil vehicle accompanied by an army patrol raided the area , and put the military orders under a rock at the location.”

The military orders were written in Arabic and Hebrew , and entitled (an attachment to an announcement of a demolition intention) which states (according to my authorities as an area army commander , I was informed of illegal constructions in the area, in a location previously targeted with a halt of work / confiscation order number 11/14) , the occupation authorities gave the owner 7 days to object before the demolition.

The orders targeted the following structures:

  • A residence belongs to Suliman Abu Qa’oud: the residence is still under construction, and built of bricks and strengthened cement, it has an area of 160 m2 , with two floors, the construction commenced early this year.

Photo 1: a demolition order on Abu Qa’oud residence

Photo 2: the targeted residence.

  • A Facility belongs to Suliman Abu Qa’oud: which is a tent with a nomadic style used in Bedouin wedding and celebrations , it is built on an area of 600 m2, and metal columns, and rented for events.

Photo 3 : a demolition order on Abu Qa’oud facility

Photo 4: the targeted facility

After reading the military order, it turned out that the occupation authorities targeted these facilities because of their location about (400-500m) from the Expansion & Annexation wall, all of the lands in which the wall is built where confiscated from its real owners with security claims.

Now the occupation authorities have new pretexts to demolish houses and facilities in West Bank , that is their location close to the apartheid wall that ate up vast areas from the west bank . It is noteworthy, the occupation authorities served another demolition order of this type in Beit ‘Awwa west Hebron, on the recent days, three military orders of this type were served only in Hebron governorate.



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