The Israeli occupation prohibit Burj Alluqluq Society activity in the old city / Occupied Jerusalem

The Israeli occupation prohibit Burj Alluqluq Society activity in the old city / Occupied Jerusalem


Saturday, August 31 , 2019 , The Israeli occupation forces sealed off Burj Alluqluq social center society doors and arrested its executive director Muntasir Dkaidek , chairman of the Administrative board Nassir Ghaith , coordinator of activities for Jerusalemite families Ala’a Jamjoum and Mr Khalid As-Sayad and took them to the city questioning center.

The occupation forces also distributed a resolution from the Ministry of Interior security, that prohibit carrying out a sport activity in the center with the participation of 158 Jerusalemite families.

Sunday, August 18, 2019, the Israeli occupation police and intelligence services raided Burj Alluqluq Social Center Society in the old city of Jerusalem, where they informed the society’s administration of a resolution issued by the minister of interior that prohibits a sports activity organized by Burj Alluqluq society.

The resolution came on the pretext that the activity is implemented under the patronage of the Palestinian Authorities, through Palestinian Football association. Noteworthy, in fact the activity is carried out under the patronage of the participating 158 Jerusalemite families , with the funding of Jerusalemite business man Munir Al-Kalouti .

The occupation forces raiding Burj Alluqluq Social Center Society

The society had filed a petition through Lawyer Muhanad Jubara to the Israeli Supreme Court to object on the prohibition orders, and to prove that the activities are not funded by the Palestinian Authorities and for the third year in a raw.

The Israeli occupation police requested a secret session with Judges to expose secret documents, but the legal defense team filed an objection against the session that was going to be held without them.

Thus, the society announced that the activity will be held in the assigned time and location. Chairman of the administrative board Mr.Nassir Ghaith confirmed that sports activities are  one of the Jerusalemites basic rights , and that the society will go on with its activities.


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