Demolition of a water reservoir in Khirbet Einun / Tubas governorate

Demolition of a water reservoir in Khirbet Einun / Tubas governorate


  • Violation: Demolition of a water reservoir.
  • Location : Khirbet Einun / East Tubas.
  • Date: 21st August 2019.
  • Perpetrator: The Israeli occupation civil administration.
  • Victims: People of Khirbet Einun.


Wednesday , 21st of August , the Israeli occupation forces in coordination with the Israeli so called “Organization Unit” raided Khirbet Einun , and carried on demolishing a water reservoir with storage a capacity of 1000 m3, belongs to Adnan Sawafta.

According to Yarza village council head Mikhles Masa’ed:

“The water reservoir serves four communities : “Umm Al-Qaba” , “Yarza”, “Sahel Tubas” and “Al-Malih” , which are inhabited by 480 citizens . Also, the water reservoir provides water for 900 dunums  of agricultural lands, and 110 herders who reside in the surrounding areas.”

Human Rights activist Omar Al-Faqha told LRC reporter:

“The water reservoir was built few years ago, and it is provided of water mainly from “Majli” artesian well . The reservoir received a halt of work order few years ago on the pretext that it lacks licensing . The responsible on the reservoir provided the licensing papers through a human rights organization , but the occupation refused and issued a demolition order.”

Photos 1-6: The targeted water reservoir


Demolishing the water reservoir in Khirbet Einun comes in synchronization with demolishing another water reservoir in Sahel Qaoun area , which reflects the occupation’s plan to destroy agricultural and animal husbandry  sectors  in the area, at a time of water shortage after the occupation imposed control over most water resources.

Noteworthy, Khirbet Einun is located 4 km east Tubas and it is considered a part of it, The Khirbet is inhabited by several Bedouin families , and live a basic live depending on cattle breeding and agriculture as a main source of income, most of agricultural lands in Khirbet Einun are considered closed military zones by the occupation.

Photos 7-9: Agriculture in Sahel Qaoun


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