Fanatic Settlers Sabotage Palestinian Properties in Kafr Malik / Ramallah Governorate

Fanatic Settlers Sabotage Palestinian Properties in Kafr Malik / Ramallah Governorate
  • Violation: wrote hatred inciting slogans on a mosque and slashed car tires.
  • Location: Kafr Malik village / northwest Ramallah.
  • Date: 17/06/2019.
  • Perpetrators: Price tag settlers.
  • Victims: People of Kafr Malik.


Kafr Malik village witnessed a new attack by the price tag gang in Monday 17 June 2019.

About 2:00 am, three Israeli illegal settlers coming from bypass “Alon”, sneaked to the southern area of Kafr Malik , and wrote hatred inciting slogans on the walls of a mosque , that call for “Death for Arabs” .

And slashed the tires of three cars parked on front of Zaki Qartoum’s house, the cars are Magnum, Mitsubishi and Hyundai . In addition to a Hyundai that belongs to Abdulghani Sayel, and a Mitsubishi that belongs to Abdulraheem Safa.

Scenes from the attack on Palestinian properties

Majid Ma’adi from Kafr Malik village council told LRC reporter:

“Settlers carried out several attacks in Kafr Malik, most of them took place in Asour area,  Asour is known of its fertile soil and Kafr Malik people highly depend on agriculture for living. The fanatic troops set the crops on fire several times, in addition to grazing in agricultural lands and destroying the crops . people of Kafr Malik filed several complains to the Israeli police , but nothing was done to stop such attacks from occurring.”

Settlers’ break-ins and nightly attacks on Palestinian suburbs escalated quickly in the recent years. The attacks are covered and protected by the occupation army, they usually target mosques , cemeteries and even private properties, and the occupation forces provide coverage and facilitate their escape.

About Kafr Malik:[1]

15 km northeast Ramallah city, Kafr Malik is surrounded by Khirbet Abu Falah and Al-Mughayyir village (north), Al-Mazra’a Ash-Sharqiya (west) , Al-Mughayyir and Al-Auja (east) and Deir Jarir village (south).

Kafr Malik is populated (2946) people in 2017 census.

Kafr Malik has a total area of 51,891 , of which 911 dunums are a built up area.

The occupation devoured 1645 dunums for the following purposes:

  1. Kokhav Hashaher devoured 380 dunums , established in 1977 and inhabited by 1367 settlers.
  2. Bypass 458 ate up more than 726 dunums.
  3. Israeli military camps ate up 539 dunums.

Oslo conventions divided the land as the following :

  • B area: 6,574 dunums.
  • C area: 45,317 dunums.



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