Torching 23 Dunums of Postures in Wad Al-Malih / Tubas Governorate

Torching 23 Dunums of Postures in Wad Al-Malih / Tubas Governorate

Violation: carrying out military trainings torch 23 dunums of postures.

Date: 06/05/2019.

Perpetrator: The Israeli occupation Army.

Victims: Bedouins of Wad Al-Malih.


 It is clear the Israeli occupation intends to conduct military training in random areas of Palestinian Jordan Valley (Al-Ghoor). It is reported that most of the Bedouin communities in the area were targeted with eviction and got affected of such measures. Houses and structures became targets for Israeli bullets and missiles. Not only, a number of the area’s residents got killed and others were injured due to the leftovers of such training.

The military trainings are conducted in synchronization with sheep reproduction season and winter and summer crops. This is to say that the occupation aims at causing huge damage and losses to strike the Palestinian presence in the area.

Military trainings caused great damage to human and land there, in the recent 9 years the occupation carried out frequent military trainings in Bedouin communities which ruined postures and destroyed agriculture, Noteworthy that most residents of the northern Jordan valley area count on agriculture and animal husbandry for living.

Recently, The Israeli occupation army carried out military training in “Khirbet Al-Burj” and “Khirbet Um Al-Quba” , which caused a massive fire torched by bombs exploding in the location , the fire devoured 23 dunums of postures, before the Palestinian Civil Defense managed to stop it.

Photos 1-3:  Khirbet Um Al-Quba after the fire

Photos 4-7: the blaze devouring postures

Human Rights activist Aref Daraghmeh told LRC reporter:

“During military trainings each year, The occupation’s fanatic troops intentionally torch Bedouin tents and postures. Nonetheless, they obstruct the arrival of Palestinian fire fighters for hours, which contributed in destroying wide areas of postures”

The occupation did not only destroy Bedouin hamlets in Wad Al-Malih, they also convert 70 % of Wad Al-Malih lands into closed military zones and areas of landmines.

During the course of the past five years,  the remains  of the military training caused great harm to residents of the area like death or hindrance to those who accidentally walk over them or touch them, one of them was the expulsion of a land mine accidentally stepped on by a child in Ein Al-Hilweh which killed him before the eyes of his father,  This is a violation of international conventions on protecting civilians

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 The Land Research Center

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