Eviction notice for 15 families in Humsa Al-Fouqa on claim of  “conducting military training”/ Tubas governorate

Eviction notice for 15 families in Humsa Al-Fouqa on claim of  “conducting military training”/ Tubas governorate


  • Violation: forcible  eviction.
  • Location:  Humsa Al-Fauqa / Tubas.
  • Date: May 07/2019.
  • Perpetrators: the Israeli occupation army
  • Victims: 15 families in the hamlet (98 people).


In time with spring season, which is the time for  sheep reproduction season, the occupation  troops intensify their military trainings in order to cause the greatest possible harms and losses to residents of the area.

The Israeli occupation forces served eviction notices to  families in Humsa Al-Fouqa, The notices say that the military trainings will continue between 12th  May until 6th July , the eviction includes leaving residents and tents, prohibiting students from attending schools and prohibiting farmers from accessing postures.

The eviction will affect 15 families, 98 members most of them are children.

According to the attached program, the eviction will be in the following hours:

  • Sunday 12:00 pm , until the next day Monday 10:00
  • Monday 4:00 pm, until the next day Tuesday 10:00 am.
  • Wednesday 7:00 am, until 2:00 pm.

The program will repeat itself every week for a month.

The Responsible on colonization file Mutaz Bsharat told LRC reporter:

“Carrying military trainings in the area aim to cause harm and losses on the residents in order to push them to leave the area. During the military training many sheep die or run away, and even sometimes confiscated by the fanatic troops and only returned after paying a high fine.”

The Jordan Valley covers one third of the West Bank total area; after 45 years of occupation; the area was turned into barren lands filled with colonies. 31 Israeli colonies, inhabited by over 7500 colonists exist in the Jordan Valley whereas, there is 18 Palestinian community, inhabited by 56000 Palestinians in the area. Meanwhile, the Israelis insist that the Jordan Valley is the eastern borders of the Israeli State and consider that non-negotiable.

Palestinians are rooted in the Jordan Valley:70 % of the total area of the Jordan Valley has been classified by the Israelis as ‘military zones’; it is also covered with mine fields.

The biggest losers of the Israeli equation are the Palestinian residents who rely on agriculture as a source of their living.

Despite that, Palestinians in the Jordan Valley, who live in wooden shacks and depend on agriculture and cattle in their living are determined on remaining on these lands and stand in the face of the occupier no matter what it will cost them.




Prepared by
 The Land Research Center